Carving By: Lena

I got this idea from watching the St. Louis Blues and from playing hockey myself. This year I did not know what to get my dad for Christmas and when I heard about this project I immediately knew that this was the way to go. My father has been a St. Louis Blues fan since he was a kid and hockey is a big part of all my family's life. I wanted to show my love for hockey and my father. I searched for inspiration by thinking about things that I care about in my life and things that I admire and/or do.

In photoshop I wrote the letters using the tablet and edited the lines so they would carve properly. I used positive and negative shapes to create the words logo and the words. I modified the image I found by erasing some of the thinner lines and adding words. At first I wanted to make the lines for the letters perfect then I realized the curved lines made it more realistic.
In easel I had to modify the lines more so the one-sixteenth drill bit could carve the logo properly. I also made sure the shape and size marked on easel was the right measurements.
The machine drilled through my wood at the depth I told it to. I chose the white brick with the blue on the inside because both of the colors are colors of the St. Louis Blues. I pinned it under the grasps so it would stay while the machine carved the design.
The machine drills through using multiple layers. I sort of imagined the logo not being as wide but it still looked good and like the real logo. I learned that carving takes a long time and you have to be very precise with the details.
It did turn out how I planned and I feal like it was a good design that the carving was perfect. I'm most proud of the idea because when I thought of it I knew it was perfect. Next time I would improve the lightning bolt eye and the proportions of the eyes. My final thauths are that I was impressed and pleased with my final project.
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Magdalena Papa

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