Germany during WW1 By: Ethan Hood

"Zugspitze" mountain where Germany strayed sometimes during World War 1

Brief Summary During World War 1, Germany was one of the Central Powers that had ended up loosing the war. Germany started to participate in the conflict after the declaration of war against Serbia by its ally. Germany fought the allies on both the eastern and western fronts. Germany actually started World War 1 when they declared war on France on August 3, 1914. And Germany had only been at war with France for forty ( 40 ) days.

What was Germany in World War 1? Germany was one of the Central Powers in World War 1. They are also the country that had started World War 1 by declaring war on France. Germany was also very industrialized at the time giving them somewhat of an advantage in the war. Germany was also consisted of 26 constituent territory mostly ruled by royal families. Germany was also known to have one of the worlds strongest and greatest armies with had benefited them during the world war.

Germany's purpose during World War 1 Germany didn't really have a key role to play during the war accept to fight in the Central Powers in witch they were on their side. Germany did equipped weapons to its allies that did not have any or had very less of. They were kinda the main leaders or had the most artillery in the Central Powers .

Connection with Germany during World War 1 and today Some connections between World War 1 and Germany today are their is that their is conflict going around the world that is just like the stuff going around the world back in 1914. And that caused a World War so maybe there could be another World War coming soon. And Germany is having Cyber attacks that they fear could disrupt the election just like they were about to have an election back in 1918 or somewhere in that era.

Battles Germany was in Germany was in many wars, but in World War 1 the German government thought of the war as a way to end Germany's deputes with it's rivals France, Russia, and Britain. The Kaiser and German establishment hoped the war would unite the public behind the monarchy, and lesson the threat posed by the dramatic growth of the Social Democrat Party of Germany. And the Social Democrat Party of Germany had been the most vocal critic of the Kaiser in the Reichstag's in the War.

Germany in 1916 Germany in 1916 had some wars going on. It also had two great battles at the Western Front called Verdun and Somme. Both the wars each lasted for over one year and they both achieved minimal gains and lost the great solders. The Verdun war became known as an ironic symbol of the murderous power with modern defense weapons. And at Somme their was over 400,000 Germany casualties. But that was still better than their allies casualties witch was over 600,000 casualties.

Conflict on July 22 On July 22 , World War 1 began. It first started off as a chain of events that revolved around several alliances made between countries. Combined with tensions between militarily active countries, these alliances set the world up for a major war.

Reasons why Germany joined the war Germany had many reasons to join World War 1. One of those reasons was that the assassination was an example of the Hapsburg's loss of control and if Austria were to decline to Germany's offer, Germany would be completely surrounded by most of their enemy and probably get attacked and it would not be a good situation for Germany.

Importance of Germany in the War Germany was very very important in the War. For many reasons too. They had a huge effect of the war both good and bad way. For example a bad reason is Adolf Hitler and a they also supplied weapons and even solders to other allies on their side during the War


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