Creating for VR Co-spaces and other tools

Google Expeditions, NearpodVR, DiscoveryVR, nytvr; the list of sites with VR experiences for teachers and students is rapidly expanding - but what if you want your students to CREATE in the VR world?

Create on your laptop, share and view on tablet or phone with or without Cardboard using the free app.

FREE version-Students can sign in with their Google accounts and create a 3D 360 environment. The building interface is simple to use with a good variety of pre-built assets. Students can build on a desktop, Chromebook or an iPad. WARNING: there is a Marketplace where "cooler" assets can be purchased. New accounts receive free coins, additional coins can be purchased - prices are listed in Euros. Currently Co-Spaces creations can only be viewed on a computer, the app has been removed from the App Store.

Co-Spaces edu app is in the App Store, it will play designs from Co-Spaces edu but not from Co-Spaces.

COSPaces EDU includes Classroom management features

Teachers can collaborate in real time with students (sorry, students cannot collaborate on a project) assign templates and manage student workflow. Student projects need not leave the classroom, they only go out to the web if you share.

360 image + text + sound = linking = a story in a sphere

Take your own sphere image or find one online

  • Google Street View app will stitch together multiple images to create a 360 sphere image anywhere.
  • Use a 360 camera to take the image
  • In Beta
  • This is considered an experimental project (Google) and may disappear
My house on Tuesday - Google Streetview App for iOS
My Classroom Taken with Google Cardboard App for iPhone

You can see that the Google Cardboard App does not properly scale the image for use in Storysphere. From their site,

"How do I create a Story Sphere?

To create a Story Sphere you’ll need a 360 image at a 2:1 ratio. The Photo Sphere app on iOS, or the native camera on Android, can be used to capture this type of image. You can also use speciality cameras like the Ricoh Theta, if you are really hardcore you can even stitch together SLR photographs.

To create a Story Sphere you’ll also need some audio files. You can record this within the app or upload audio you have already recorded. Once you have those two ingredients you are good to go."


Created with images by pixel2013 - "cyber glasses virtual virtual world"

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