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The Golf Lab is bringing a new approach to club fitting. We have developed a brand agnostic proprietary optimization process known as Speed Set Protocol. Utilizing GEARS 3D and Foresight technology to quantify the variable changes, which maximize your speed and control!

Our Process

Our Speed Set Protocol and Grip Testing have been extensively researched and proven to increase a players performance by Liam Mucklow.

All the information has been documented and presented at The World Scientific Congress of Golf in 2016 and 2018.

Step 1 – Baseline Testing

  • Testing current club performance with the use of GEARS 3D and Foresight GCQuad to get a benchmark assessment.

World Long Drive Champion Justin James going through the Baseline Testing before his Driver Optimization

Step 2 – Length Optimization

Golfers will test multiple shaft lengths to see what gives them maximum Ball Speed.

  • Traditional philosophy would say that longer is faster.
  • Although the club head speed will have a greater opportunity to move faster it does not always translate to higher ball speeds.
  • Kinematics and human anatomy have a larger role in the selection of length for a golfer.

Step 3 – Weight Optimization

Golfers will test multiple weighted shafts to see which gives them maximum Club Speed.

  • "Lighter is faster" is rarely the case!
  • An optimal weight will create the most efficient kinematic sequence for a golfer, resulting in more club head speed.
GEARS 3D example of Kinematic Sequence

Step 4 – Grip Optimization

Golfers will test different grip sizes to determine which size gives them the most consistent delivery.

Extensive research was conducted for our 2018 World Scientific Congress of Golf presentation on grip size in relation to hand size. Key findings from the research:

  • 18% of golfers in the study were using their optimal grip size
  • There was ZERO correlation between hand size and grip size in determining consistent delivery!
  • Closure Rate Consistency increased by 30% after grip optimization
Carson Hau presenting at the 2018 World Scientific Congress of Golf

Step 5 – Head Selection

Dependent on the golfers needs, heads will be selected based on their Centre of Gravity location. Where the CG resides in the head will promote specific launch conditions for a golfer.

Golfers will test different models to determine which head will help achieve their optimal launch conditions.

Custom Built

All clubs are built in house and inspected by Carson Hau who has spent time building clubs on a PGA Tour Van. This ensures that the clubs are made exactly as they were intended by the optimization.

Carson Hau with Scott Garrison, Independent Club Builder on the PGA Tour

Quantify Why You Need New Golf Clubs


  • Full Bag Optimization - $500
  • Single Piece (Driver or Irons) - $250

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