Strategic Growth Analysis Executive Summary FY 2017 – FY 2021 | PREPARED JULY 2021

Overall Revenue

Overall revenue from increased 22% from FY20 to FY21.

Revenue Excluding $5,000+ Donors

The above chart excludes donors whose highest personal contribution (HPC) is more than $5,000. It is important to analyze trends without large donors to evaluate how the balance of donors are performing. From FY20 to FY21, revenue from this audience increased 28%, an additional $2.4MM year-over-year.

Active Donors

The number of active donors increased 22% year-over-year, the result of very strong New donor acquisition, increased Reactivated donor count, and retention improvements among existing donors.

FY 2021 Donor Replenishment

Donor acquisition and lapsed reactivation are vital to a healthy fundraising program. To maintain or increase the number of active donors, an organization should acquire and/or reactivate enough donors each year to replace those who lapse. In FY21, New and Reactivated donors combined more than offset those who did not give, to a net increase of 8,600 donors.

New and Reactivated Donors

Combined New and Reactivated donors grew by 50%. New donors increased 67% year-over-year, while reactivations were up 37%. Both reached five-year highs.

Annual Donor Value

Donor value is a combination of gift size and frequency, representing an active donor's average annual contribution. Overall revenue per active donor grew by 5% in FY21.


Overall FY21 retention rate increased 9% over the previous year. At the lifecycle level, retention increased year-over-year and reached five-year highs for all three segments.

In Conclusion

FY 2021 was a very strong year for this organization. Revenue increased overall, attributable to growth of the active donor file as well as increased donor value. While it is difficult to know what the fundraising landscape will be like in the coming year, your organization is poised for continued growth. You are starting FY22 with 22% more active donors than the previous year. If FY21 trends hold over the next twelve months, revenue will increase by 10% in FY22 and the active donor file will grow by another 9%.

Report prepared by Analytical Ones

Bill Jacobs | Founder | bill@analyticalones.com