Not So Shady Success How eminem "rapbotted" his way to fame

How would you feel if you were beat up everyday for being different?

How would you feel not knowing your father because he walked out on your family and your mother being addicted to many harmful substances?

Well hopefully you don’t go thru any of this because somebody named Marshal Bruce Mathers III best known as Eminem. Eminem is a famous rapper that grew very successful thru his poetry like Music. Eminem’s music is angry and heartbroken and painful.

Eminem went through many obstacles throughout his life. As a result from all the difficulties he was inspired to start creating music. Eminem growing up did not have a lot of money. He lived in a ¨Black¨ neighborhood. He was beat up daily because he was different. Nobody thought a ¨White” boy could rap but he proved them wrong. Along with being beat up his mom, Deborah R. Nelson-Mathers had an addiction problem according to Eminem. On top of that Deborah could never keep a job. ¨i would change schools two, three times a year¨Eminem recalls ¨That was probably the roughest part about it all.” Out of all this bad he made a friend. His name is Pruth. Him and Pruth made friends over rap. Pruth was a teen rapper, Eminem was a teen rapper. They were like Brothers. Luckily going through all these good and rough times as a kid has made Eminem a fortune and gave him lots of fame.

Repairing the Bot

Eminem had a very rough life. Eminem had a wife named Kim, Kimberly Anne Scott. They were married in 1999-2001 and then separated and then remarried again in 2006 and broke up the same year. When him and Kim first separated he attempted suicide by overdosing on tylenol. Eminem and Kim have an on and off relationship. Kim 4 years after Eminem’s attempt at suicide she attempted herself by slashing her wrist. Again later after Eminem unintentionally overdosed on prescription drugs but he is now sober. Eminem has had battles with his mother over his music on top of all that. In his music he has mentioned his mother being addicted to drugs and things like that. She pressed charges to these “false” Accusations. She has sued him for over 10 million dollars but the battle settled to 25,000 dollars instead. Deborah, Eminem's mom, loves him but they have on and offs like his and Kim's relationship. Even though this is not the ideal way he would want to live his life he learns from it.

Everybody must be wondering… When did he start? What inspired him? What did he do to be so good? Well as we all know Eminem didn’t have such a great childhood and because of it he now has a net worth of $225 million. From the broken home to the beat ups to going through the dictionary’s to find good rhymes he was made a huge fortune and has lots of fame. At school he was never the best.

He says “I found that no matter how bad I was at school,like, and no matter how low my grades might have been at some times, I always was good at English … I just felt like I wanna be able to have all of these words at my disposal, in my vocabulary at all times whenever I need to pull ‘em out. You know, somewhere, they’ll be stored,like, locked away.”

Even as a high school dropout he found his way to express his passion for language and releasing his anger. Eminem proved great skill at verbal sparring and despite his race, he became the most respected person in Detroit’s underground rap scene.

He said, “I finally found something that yeah, this kid over here, you know, he may have more chicks, and the way, you know, have better clothes, or whatever, but he can’t do this like me. You know what I mean? He can’t write what I’m writing right now. And it started to feel like,you know,maybe Marshall’s gettin’ a little respect.”

His song “Rap God” has his fastest lyrics in it. "Uh, sama lamaa duma lamaa you assuming I'm a human What I gotta do to get it through to you I'm superhuman Innovative and I'm made of rubber So that anything you saying ricocheting off of me and it'll glue to you I'm never stating, more than never demonstrating How to give a… audience a feeling like it's levitating Never fading, and I know that the haters are forever waiting For the day that they can say I fell off, they'd be celebrating Cause I know the way to get 'em motivated I make elevating music, you make elevator music." Throughout the lyrics he says how he his a superhuman mainly because he can rap so fast.

Eminem has been very successful. From his music you can learn lots about him. He tells stories people may not understand through his music. He *raps* his mind. His way of expressing his emotions is by rapping them. Slim Shady has a very shady story that is uncovered through his music.

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