Black History Walking Tour photogather: Stephon Ray

Hello, my name is Stephon Ray and I went to a field trip with my photo class taking pictures. I'm a 11th grade student and I took pictures of the middle division doing a presentation in front of landmarks in Downtown Washington DC.

Me and my team got off the green line of the Metro and founded this art work in the exit.
We found a alleyway of graffiti that on the side of the Lincoln theatre
heres whats in-front of the Lincoln theatre on the other side of the street.
And next door to the theatre was Ben's Chili Bowl.
heres another picture of the alleyway
next, We went to the African American Civil War Museum.
heres whats in-front of the Lincoln Theater.
their students from my school that were presenting in-front of landmarks and tells us whats about (Lincoln Theater).
and heres other picture of one landmark that was presented (African American civil war monument).
The next location we went to was the Howard Theatre
The next stop we hit was Dr. Ernest old house.
Also my team went in front of WhiteLaw Hotel. And another Middle Devision Pretension.
This photo was shot in front Duke Elington's house.
And lastly, is the True Reform Building.

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