Westward Expansion By: Cameron Alcorn

The purpose of traveling West is that they can start a new life and also get 500 acres of land if they farm some of that land for 5 years, once on the trail they risked there families life to start a new one.

A covered wagon is a wagon that has a top called a canvas and they cover it in oil to make it waterproof and the wage has four wheels that need to often be oiled.

As the picture shows the land was very rough to get through and they had to travel on mountains and through mountains and very hot plains.

People knew where to go because the people at the forts and the rest points would tell which way to go.

Daily life was a lot different on the trail. The way people did it was that they did not get to ride on the wagon for about 2000 miles! Why did they not ride on the wagon? There was normally not enough room to ride in the wagon with there stuff that they need.

Pro- The Pioneers will get to start a new life.

Pro- The Pioneers got to heal once hurt.

Pro- The Pioneers get 500 acres of land if they farm it.

Con- The Pioneers might lose a loved one.

Con- The Pioneers might lose an oxen.

Con- The Pioneers might get ambushed by Native Americans.

The interaction between the settlers and the Native Americans was that they traded but, they also had fights with the Native Americans.

One interesting fact is that some of The Pioneers would sleep under the wagon.

The sources are ...If You Traveled In A Covered Wagon.

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