The Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) Maia lilliE

Took place in Cuba, October 14, 1962.
United States vs. Soviet Union and Cuba
Tensions started from the Bay of Pigs Invasion in April 1961 though the Cuban Missile crisis actually started on October 14 1962.
The USSR began building missile sights in Cuba(1962)... with the Berlin blockade the crisis became more important. The missiles were stationed 90 miles off the American Coastline. There was already tension between Unites states and USSR from the Bay of Pigs when U.S attempted to overthrow Cubas government(Fidel Castro).
The Unites States felt that USSR and Cuba teamed against them and that they are wanting to send missiles towards them. The USSR feels against the Unites States already and want to take the U.S down. Cuba felt protected from the USSR.
In the end, it was failure for the USSR because the missiles were never sent. Success was for the U.S because no new war happened and no missiles were sent. Failure also was for Cuba because they wanted to get back at the U.S. Nikita Khrushchev agrees to remove Russian missiles from Cuba. United States has to respect Cuba's territory.

The Cuban Missile Crisis connects with Brinkmanship becaus it was the verge of war in order to persuade ones opposition to retreat. The U.S and USSR both had nuclear weapons.

This is a Cold War hot spot because this could have gone into another war and there were high tensions between U.S and USSR.


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