Indoor Track Captains By Andrea GUtierrez

Indoor Track and Field is a varsity sports team that runs from late November to late January and the girls team is currently the undefeated 8-time NVL Champion. The great successes of both the boys and girls teams are due to not only all the dedicated runners but also entire other groups of athletes who compete in events that go unnoticed, but can mean the difference between winning and losing.

"Our goals for this season are definitely to go out and compete to the best of our ability at every meet. We want to work as hard as we can in practice to make sure our times on the track are getting faster, our jumps and throws are getting farther and the we are improving everyday as a team. Overall I want the team to compete to the best of their ability on the NVL and State level while having fun." -Matt Iannone

"As a captain this season, I would like to see the team supporting each other and pushing each other to do their bests. I want all of the girls to feel as if they can come to practice and forget all about school, stress, and drama, and focus on showcasing their skills. I would like everyone to bond as a team and to have the same positive mindset about the sport. Our goal every year is to win another championship and to qualify as many girls as possible in states, and in order to get there we have to work together and continue to practice hard throughout the season." -Sydney Grillo

"I want the team to be successful, I want everyone to succeed in their events, and I want everyone to have fun. My goal for the team is top 3 in the NVL and to have at least 12 runners in states." -Ryan Swanson

"My goals for the team this year are for everyone to try their best and work as hard as they possibly can because everyone has their own skills and goals. I hope that everyone reaches their own goals and that we all become very successful as a team. I really hope that we can win an NVL title and for most of our team make it to states this year. I want us to all feel like we accomplished something this season." -Layne Cronin

Track and Field, both Indoor and Outdoor, are two of Woodland’s most successful sports programs and look to continually grow every year through new and returning members. The team works together as a whole to compete for points in their individual events which accumulate into a team score. This brings the athletes together because at meets everyone is supporting and cheering for each other no matter what event they are competing in.

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