King Tut By Sean

King Tut had two parents Amenhotep and Nefertiti. Nefertiti was not of royal birth but she looked like a queen so she became the wife of Amenhotep. Amenhotep had different ideas than other pharaohs. He decided that they would only worship Amun-Ra. Instead of multiple gods.

King Tut rose to power after his Dad Amenhotep died. He was very young when he became king, but king brought many privileges. Tut got pools the size of lakes, servants would bring him food, and people would fan him at night. King Tut died very young, people thought he died of a head injury but it was later revealed he probably died of a broken leg.

Howard Carter was born in England in 1874. He went to Egypt when he was 17 and explored Amenhotep's city. The longer Howard was their the more he wanted to find an unopened tomb of a pharaoh. He explored the valley of the kings using the Money of Lord Carnarvon. It took a long time but Howard Carter finally found his pharaoh.

Howard Carter had found his pharaoh. He decided that he would wait for lord Carnarvon, it took one week but Carnarvon arrived. King Tut's tomb was filled with statues, gold, animals in sarcophaguses, and other riches. Tut had board games, Money, food, toys, and his organs in little jars in a white chest made of alabaster.

His sarcophagus had four layers. The first was a stone case, below that was another stone case, inside that was a solid gold sarcophagus, and below that was the mummy casing.

King Tut may have not lived long but he has inspired many people to learn more about ancient Egypt. He is defiantly one of the most famous Egyptian kings that have ever lived.


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