The Dakota uprising How the tension was created


In 1851 the Dakota people sold of the rest of their land too the U.S. Government because they were in dept too the traders that they bought food and tools from since the traders let them buy things on credit. For selling all their land they were put on a reservation on both sides of the Minnesota river.

This photo shows the Dakota singing the 1851 treaty

On the top half of the river was where the traditional Dakota lived. They would countinue their traditions and culture, hunt, fish and live in tipis rather than the farm Dakota who lived on the lower half of the Minnesota river. These Dakota assimilated to Christany, and grew crops well taking care of livestock and living in brick or wood houses. Often the traditional Dakota got jealouse of how the farm Dakota got more money and a missionary that would help them.

The annuity payments were coming late and the traders cut off the credit system because they two were afraid that the annuity payments wouldn't come and they would never get paid. Through the wails of the Dakota children screaming of hunger some Dakota decided too raid a store. After the raid there was a meeting. Little crow( a respected Dakota leader) said that it wasn't their fault that the annuity payments were coming late and Andrew merick(a trader) said, " As far as I am concerned let them eat grass."

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