Manners in Colonial Boston By: Cassidy

Do you think there were manners in Colonial Boston? Well, there was. In fact there was a lot of manners, like not day dreaming when someone is talking to you. Also in the presence of others don't hum or drum with your fingers don't fiddle. Colonial manners were very interesting.

Do not take your clothes off with someone in the same room as you. And do not go outside of your room not fully dressed. So you need to be private with that kind of stuff. Do not snooze off when someone is talking. Don't sit when others stand. Do not speak you should forever hold your peace. Do not walk when others stop. Don't day dream when someone is talking to you it is rude.

Any action made with Company should be done with a sign of respect to the person in your company. That means that with company don't do a action like calling them stupid do a action like complementing your company. Don't fiddle when in presents of someone. It is very rude and frowned upon. And those are some of the many manners in Colonial Boston.

And those are some of the very many manners in Colonial Boston. Manners were very important back then because you wanted to have good impressions on important people. And that is why manners were important in Colonial Boston.

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