Singapore amazement by day and night

It all began with a wait for an Uber ride to the airport.

Polaris Lounge access provided a great space to wait for our flight, a hot breakfast and drinks.

A first class seat on United in their new Polaris class provided plenty of space, a fold flat seat for sleeping and great amenities to help enjoy the 13-1/2 hr flight to our connection in Narita, Japan.

Our connecting flight in Narita was on ANA Airlines. They used to be only a domestic carrier, but now go international. Their asian heritage is evident in the very friendly and polite service and food.

Some of the movie selections had interesting titles.

We stayed at the Crown Plaza at the Singapore airport upon arrival. Thanks to our ability to switch our connecting flight out of Narita begore leaving Chicago, we arrived earlier and would have had to pay full price for 8 hours at our hotel downtown. We took a more affordable option with the airport hotel and loved it!

The hallway to our room was disorienting with a mirror at the end reflecting everything and making us careful not to walk into the wall.

After a night at the airport, we headed into Singapore to our home base for a few days, the Fullerton Hotel. The room was amazing with a great balcony and view.

A visit to the Super Trees, Domed Gardens and Cloud Forest gave us hours of enjoyment.

You get to walk around those ramps in the cloud forest.

The gardens had an amazing collection of flowers.

But, some people found better views in themselves.

We visited the top of the Sands Hotel with Jake and David when they joined us in Singapore. We had amazing views to go with our pricey drinks, but so worth it!

The area comes alive with light at night!

Our beautiful Fullerton Hotel at night.

Shopping malls may be dying off in the USA, but they are alive and thriving in Asia!

There are traditional markets to check out as well for masks, lanterns, t-shirts and yes, Pokemon.

And don't forget the food!

Something tells me that if you eat too much here, you walk out with a chin-chin! LOL
You have to take translations with a grain of salt. They may not be as they appear.

Architecture in Singapore reminded me of Chicago in the sense that everything is modern and unique, as if the city was rebuilt after a fire like Chicago, but there was no fire.

Singapore earned a spot in our favorites list for sure!

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