Jennifer Howeter By trevor schneider

1. What was your favorite game as a kid

The Farming Game

2. What where you most afraid of as a a child

The dark

3. What was your favorite sport in school


4. What was your favorite subject


5. What was your best job

Farming with my dad and brothers

6. What is your dream job

Owning/Operating a lawn mowing and snow removal business

7. What is your goal as a parent

That my kids know I love them and to raise productive, responsible children

8. How would you describe your self as a parent

I would describe myself as a good parent, one who holds my kids accountable and makes my them responsible for day to day chores.

9. Which political figure do you admire most

Rudy Giuliani

10. Have you ever fought for a political cause


11. What is your most memorable travel experience

Driving to Las Vegas with my husband, breaking down before we got out of Nebraska, waiting for my brothers to bring my car so we could go the rest of the way.

12. Whose biggest fan are you

My parents

13. What is your most embarrassing moment

When I was on a home visit and went up to the wrong house with the police because we thought they were having a party.

14. Where were you and how do you react to 9/11

I was at my mom and dads house getting ready to go to Kearney for a college class. I was scared and unsure what to expect. I drove to Kearney and listened to the news all the way to class.


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