Gregory Boyd observes that much of what we call Christianity is a diluted version of the knowledge of good and evil.

Moralism is not what Jesus has given us.

Some versions of the gospel come close to being explicit Christian versions of the knowledge of good and evil.

The cross replaced the tree of the knowledge of good and evil with the tree of life.

There are non-gospels, half gospels and pseudo-gospels that emphasise the law but are without substance.

The allure of religion

This places this kinds of gospels in that box of theology that is no gospel at all.

Religion - the multiplication of empty boxes..

The Reverend Dr Gordon Moyes stated that Christianity is not a religion but a Person – the person of Jesus Christ. In the Spirit the person of Jesus becomes you.

Christ is in you and with you so as you become your true self.
The Ordinary is where God is.

Life in the Spirit is a mystery but as real as you are because Christ has come in you - in your flesh to ignite your being with Himself. In Jesus we enter that communion that Jesus enjoyed with His Father. Jesus possessed the oneness that the trinity possess themselves – being one with each other yet fully the uniqueness of their persons. This is the oneness Jesus was praying about in John 17 and the oneness He achieved for us as a result of the cross, resurrection and outpouring of the Spirit.

We are never alone, never separated from God. Not even in our sin.

Union with God is yours and it's fun.

You have union with God. This is the reality that is yours in which to live – never in the separation of the law busting a gut to get the union with God that is already yours. We are joined to God by Jesus Christ. We participate in this oneness by believing ‘our gospel’ and agreeing with Christ that this oneness is so. It means that we actively live in the incarnation.

Dont make guilt a way of life.

‘You will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20. Living in this reality is living in life. Reality is Christ.

God is in us. God is where we are and more. God is woven into our being and God is in every part of life.

Thomas Torrance explains the raising up of humanity in Jesus Christ. “God has joined himself to us in our estranged human life in order to sanctify it, to gather it into union with his own holy life and so lift it up above and beyond all the downward drag of sin and decay, and that he already does simply by being one with man in all things.

Where you are and in your fun..

Jesus did not leave you a religion. He left you Himself to be the multiplication of you and of us. This is the incarnation and your new covenant life.

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