Symmetrical Composition A symmetrical composition uses the elements by repeating them

Photography is about learning to see. I can't teach someone to see. Your photographic "eye" is developed after years of observation, learning to see what is important to you and what other's might miss.

One way to improve your photography and to learn to see better is through composition techniques such as the rule of thirds and symmetrical composition. Image are created with line, shape, color, value, texture, form, and space - are organized or composed according to the principles of art and design.

Usually image compositions are most effective or most compelling when they are unbalanced, not centered, when the main subject takes more space and the lesser subjects take less space.

Non-symmetrical composition "Old Hudson In The Snow Black And White" by Edward M. Fielding

But in some cases when the subject lends itself to a even, balanced, centered composition, symmetrical composition can enhance the fact that the subject is perfectly balanced.

A symmetrical composition is balanced, and has an overall equality of Size, Shape, Line, Line Direction, Texture, Value, and Color. It is capable of division into equal parts. A symmetrical composition uses the Elements by repeating them, and is therefore of minimum contrast.

Examples of Symmetrical Composition

An ornate Victorian style small cottage on Cape Cod. Fine art photography by Edward M. Fielding
Wide angle shot of an empty beach boardwalk bandstand in the off season. Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. Fine art photography by Edward M. Fielding
A surreal landscape of old abandoned brick buildings and a threatening sky. Crown Point, NY - fine art photography by Edward M. Fielding
View of Craigsville Beach from the changing rooms by Edward M. Fielding
Chair in the middle of nowhere, Iceland. Photography by Edward M. Fielding

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Edward Fielding


Photographs by Edward M. Fielding - www.edwardfielding.com

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