New York has been a victim of high/rising sea levels, Sea-level rise is locked in for centuries, or even millennia, by heat-trapping greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere. Continuing or increasing emissions will speed up the rise to higher levels, New York state said By 2100, "scientists predict sea levels will reach 18 to 50 inches higher than today along New York's coastlines and estuaries, though a rise as high as 75 inches could occur."


The map clearly shows that a sea level rise of only a few meters would inundate thousands of acres of highly developed land on Manhattan, Long Island, and the New Jersey coastline. In New Jersey large areas around Newark Bay and Arthur Kill will be flooded. And some of the greatest land loss to New York will be the Atlantic coast of Long Island.

2.7 Million Years

This issue most defiantly is caused by global warming and the ice caps, scientists say if the ice caps do melt they could release enough fresh water to disrupt ocean currents world wide, and a lot of signs show NYC pays the biggest price, 1 Florida state university study says sea levels along the north east coast will rise twice as fast with Climate change putting New York in greater risk of hurricanes.

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