Lesson 13 Vocabulary Created By: Nate Roach Per. C

8 words, their definitions, their synonyms, and a picture about the word. But don't forget the pictures.

1. Communicable: able to be spread. Contagious, Infectious. My Aunts disease is very communicable.

2. Conduct: to carry on or direct. Perform. Your code of conduct is respectful when you follow the rules.

3. Epidemiology: the branch of medicine that focuses on diseases affecting large numbers of people. Study of disease. I will learn about epidemiology someday.

4. Fallacy: a belief or idea that is wrong or false. Mistake, Myth. There was a fallacy 4 years ago that NCC was aluminadi confirmed.

5. Input: something, such as information or material, that is put into something else. Investment. I had to input my brother on his homework.

6. Prognosis: a prediction of how something will time out. Prediction. I made a prognosis that there were tornado warnings yesterday.

7. Unconventional: not what is generally expected or accepted. Irregular. It was unconventional that I got an F on my exam when I thought I got an A.

8. Urban: relating to city life. City, municipal. My Dad did not live in an urban culture when he was a kid.


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