Lawn Service a neighborhood lawn service from down the street

My name is Caleb R. McNeil and I am trying to create a neighborhood lawn service in and around my neighborhood. I go to Living Word Christian School in O'Fallon MO. I am 17 years old and would like to start a lawn service with my cousin. We are not large corporation just a few kids who want a job to do over the summer and the experience of making our own company.

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Caleb McNeil


Created with images by Sir Mildred Pierce - "DSC05299-Perfect_Lawn" • perfectgrassltd - "Artificial grass lawn in Chelmsford, Essex" • woodleywonderworks - "my neighbor has beautiful bermuda grass lawn" • MSVG - "Sprinkling Rainbow" • seantoyer - "Backyard Hair Cut" • dsearls - "2014_05_16_bath_06a" • edenpictures - "The Perfect Tree" • perfectgrassltd - "Artificial grass lawn in Surrey"

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