Good Life Nature Activity Florida Museum of Natural History

Nature on Display: One exhibit that I found particularly appealing at the natural history museum was the Butterfly Rainforest. The size of the enclosure and massive number of butterflies was absolutely astounding and honestly quite breath taking. The winding pathway that makes it way through the exhibit gives multiple opportunities to see numerous butterflies participating in any number of activities. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the various species fly around and interact with my surroundings and even land on some people. My awe caused me to become very interested in the insects and I immediately began asking questions about them. I was curious about their life cycle, how they eat, and why they fly in such erratic patterns. So I began to read all of the information littered about the exhibit and learn about the beautiful little creatures. This experience was extremely enjoyable for me because I was not only able to marvel and admire at a true work of nature but I was able to come to understand them more thoroughly as well.

Nature and Ethics: A multitude of exhibits within the museum have an emphasis on nature conservation and environmental morals. Some of these exhibits show the importance of living efficiently as to not waste valuable resources and deplete our environments. I truly felt the impact that humans have made on our world as I explored the museum. From the many examples of extinctions to the large carbon footprint that an individual can leave behind. People who seemed to really delve deep and immerse themselves in the exhibits such as the one pictured above, seemed to be rather concerned and somewhat worried about the current state of our world from an environmental standpoint. The museum also teaches ways to be more efficient and decrease the negative impact that we leave on our planet. These experiences have since caused me to be more conscious about my habits that waste resources such as water and energy and have also helped me to gain new habits that practice sustainability.

Nature and the Human Spirit: The museum helps to demonstrate the wonders of our world and to preserve the amazing organisms that have called Earth their home. Viewing one of the exhibits that progresses through the journey of life on our planet, (pictured above) made me feel quite small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things as humans have only been around for a fraction of the time that the earth has existed. This help me to realize how important it is to recognize our history and the big, beautiful natural world around us. Being able to see what has led to us becoming what we are today, helps us to understand who we truly are and what our goals and meaning is here. It can help us to understand what is worth fighting for, what is worth celebrating, and what a good life really is. We can learn from the past and improve on it in order to better our futures and to continue to preserve and protect our history and our natural world.

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