Parker C. Explorers

John Cabot

John Cabot was a explorer and famous for sailing to Canada but mistook it for Asia.

John Cabot was born in Genoa,Italy 1450.At age 11 he moved to Venice,Italy.

On May of 1497 Cabot left Bristol,England.On June 24 he was 50 days into the voyage.

It is believed that he died sometime in 1499 or 1500.

John Cabot

Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson was believed to be born in The 16th century, English explorer Henry Hudson had two unsuccessful voyages in the search for a ice free passage to Asia.

In 1609 he embarks on a third voyage funded by the Dutch East India Company that took him to the new world and the waiver that I would be given his name. Board the ship discovery Hudson left England in April 1610.

How did Henry travel you ask? Across the Atlantic Ocean with his crew .

Traveling South Henry Hudson ventured into James Bay and discovered that he come to a dead end. By this time Hudson was at odds with many in his crew .

He never found his way to Asia, but Hudson is still widely remembered as a early explorer his Efforts Helped drive European interest in north America.Today his name can be found all around us on waterways ,schools , bridges and even towns.

This is Henry Hudson. You can tell because his last name is on the bottom.



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