All is Grey By: Liliana ramirez

All is well on a cold, cloudy night in January that focuses on a young teenage boy named Zack walking through dark, empty neighborhoods from a friends house to his. All is well until Zack was strangled and put to sleep by an older looking man and pulled into an old, dirty red Honda. No screams or the sound of shoe soles hitting the ground were heard. The extending absence of the boy was noticed by his family and an AMBER alert was sent through all of North Texas.

Grey Hall, a 34 year old professional private detective along with his tallness, cherry red layered hair, bushy black eyebrows, doll-looking face and, of course, grey eyes, received the task to search and find the abducted teenager. Grey has dealt with many cases and this wasn’t his first serious job. From the homicide cases to child abductions, he has always been confident with his career and though it could be extremely stressful at points, Grey always has the determination and positive mind to complete the job.

Just after being informed on the abduction, Grey searched the neighborhood for any evidence and interviewed everyone he could. As said before, no one heard nothing or saw nothing, but thank God for physical evidence. Zack’s sneaker was found abandoned on the sidewalk where he was struggling to be free from the abductors grasp along with a rag soaked in chloroform and the chloroform bottle itself.

After collecting the physical evidence, Grey decided to search the street cameras. ‘WASD466’ was the license plate of the abductor and was immediately scanned under the License Plate Recognition located in the Police department. Evan Johnson was the name of the abductor. Evan has a background record of two arrests for harassment death threat and domestic violence. The criminal also has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder which can not only affect him, but the world revolving around him.

Thanking modern technology, Grey is able to track down Evan Johnson’s car which holds Zack in it. Helicopters and police are also there to help. According to the tracker, the car was only a few miles away out of town, possibly in a ranch house. Traveling to the destination, Grey and the Police got closer and closer and eventually found an ugly, abandoned looking log house in the middle of nowhere. The dirty, red Honda was the only vibrant item in the setting.

Grey, the only man not in police uniform or wearing a bulletproof vest, decided to go in alone and sneak Zack out. Grey went inside the house through a broken,exposed window and felt the cobwebs enter his lungs with every breath in the log house. “Let me go!” Zack cried as the sound of a hand hitting a face was soon heard after. Creeping wall to wall with a taser gun in hand, Grey came in contact with Evan, the criminal, the abductor. “Leave the boy alone. You are under arrest for child abduction. There is no use in trying to fight for for there are helicopters and more police outside of this building, sir.” Grey said as he triggered his gun in case of emergency. Pale skinned and bloodshot, Evan burst out of the room elbowing Grey and headed for the nearest possible exit. SNAP! The sound of a taser sinking into flesh was heard throughout the empty house along with the thud of a body squirming.

Police went inside and handcuffed the man and retrieved the helpless teen. Zach was safe and that was all that mattered to Grey. A life was saved. Days after, Grey felt relieved seeing Zach doing better and the ‘BREAKING NEWS’ on TV dying down day by day. Grey continued, and still does, to investigate and complete any tasks he needs in order to help those in need. All is Grey.

Grey Eye: Black and white eye, Digital Image January 27, 2017 Found on:

Black and white neighborhood: Black and white neighborhood, digital image January 27, 2017 Found on:

Shoes: Abandoned shoes, digital image, January 27, 2017 found in:

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Bottle: Black and white bottle, digital image, January 27, 2017 found in:

Depressed man: Depressed man sitting down black and white, digital image, April 26, 2010 found in:

Cars: black and white cars, digital image, January 27,2017 found in:

Log house: black and white log house, digital image, January 27,2017 found in:

Cobwebs: cobwebs black and white, digital image, January 27,2017 found in:

City: city black and white, digital image, January 27,2017 found in:


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