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Have you ever heard of a hijacker that has never been found? DB Cooper asked for $200,000 in 20 dollar bills. If you have $200,000 in $20 bills, what would you do? He had black hair and was dressed in a suit. He told the flight attendant that he had a bomb. He jumped and was never found. The mystery of DB Cooper still fascinates people to this day.

This was the picture of his description.

Theory 1

My first theory is that DB Cooper died on the jump. He boarded a plane the day before Thanksgiving in 1971. He had a drink and told the flight attendant that he had a bomb. And what he wanted, he wanted 3 parachutes and $200,000 in $20 bills. He got what he wanted and jumped off the plane.

But, they never knew that exact place where he jumped. He was dressed in a suit and not dressed for winter weather. The plane was 10,000 feet in the air and the plane was flying at 196 miles per hour. When the plane landed in Seattle, the suspect, known as Dan Cooper or DB Cooper, allowed the passengers and two flight attendants off the plane, and the officials handed over the money. All that was left was 2 parachutes and a black tie.

The tie and money they found that might be his.

Nine years later, no sign of DB Cooper, but a little boy named Bryan found 3 big bundles of money 20 miles from the town of Ariel. The FBI thought that Cooper or someone working with Cooper placed it there to throw off the investigation.

Theory 2

Theory 2 is where they think that Cooper might have survived the jump. One key reason Marla Cooper’s mom (Grace Hailey) is convinced that her brother in law was DB Cooper is his sudden disappearance from the family thanksgiving.He worked with leather and made the guitar straps. The day he went missing he came back with a white shirt he was bloody and bruised. She started to cry, but then she heard we did it and our money problems are over. After that Thanksgiving Day, she never saw him again. She said that he died in 1999.

Meanwhile, Marla Cooper said her uncle was known as L.D and he died in 1999. She witnessed as a 8 year old for 4 decades ago. She was there when they made the plan, and when they came backing saying something about her father. He came back on thanksgiving morning wounded.

He had blood all over his shirt, He was banged up, and was in real bad shape. She and her mother started to cry. She wasn’t the only one to confess to the news. Her mother also reported to the news. She said after that night she never saw him because he had missed his mother’s funeral.

Some people might be thinking…..Maybe they never found DB Cooper is because he might be a she!! She or he might be 50’s or mid 40’s at the time. She or he was 6 feet and 1 inch or 5 feet 9 inches. She or he ordered a soda. She or he handed the flight attendant a note and told her to open it. It said


I have a bomb here and I would like you to sit by me.

What I believe....

After much research on the topic of DB Cooper, I have concluded that I mostly agree with theory #1. This theory states that DB Cooper didn’t survived the jump. I don't know what he was before the hijacking. But I had researched a couple different theories, 3 people that I know have came forward about their uncle,dad, and brother in law being DB Cooper. But it could be a scam just to become famous or popular.

Cooper was dressed for a plane ride not the cold winter air. For example.. I said in my second paragraph that “The plane was 10,000 feet in the air and the plane was flying at 196 miles per hour.” The speed and high you should jump at is “From 12,500 feet at a typical belly-to-earth fall rate of around 115 mph.” That website is from people who want to know about skydiving. Like I said that he was dressed in a suit. He was not dressed for winter weather either.

Like the picture below he has a suit on.

The mystery of DB Cooper still fascinates people today. The final conclusion, is did he survive or die. If Cooper lived, what did he do with the money? I thought it would be fun to tell this story. I had fun researching about this topic. The minute I heard the story I fell in love. I’m that person that LOVES mysteries and things to solve.

This is a part of history, he was the only hijacker to ever escape. I mean it doesn't really impact you or matter. But it was a big part of history. He was never found, multiple families saying he worked as a leather shop, some said he was a store manager and he went missing. It's just a fun and nice story to tell. And another way to connect with people. But I still have one question……. What theory do you believe?

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