I am royally screwed.

I'm Pam Clayton, a university student with brown eyes and big thighs, the Canadian girl forever introduced as 'cute and smart'. I'm the one guys ask for tutoring help, not for a make out session at a frat party.

I'm okay with this. I'm focused on my future, and I know where I'm headed.

Or, so I thought.

Most of my fellow nerds don't believe in Fate. To them, life is a series of choices resulting in data to be analyzed into quotable stats. I strongly disagree. I've experienced tragedy. I know Fate makes house calls with no regard for my choices.

Over one summer weekend, Fate intervenes again.

My ideal Geek Charming is hurled into my orbit. A tech genius with dark curls and muscles for days known as Daryl Oates proves the sexy brand of smart guy I fantasized about is real. Then, my academic advisor is unwittingly assigned as Fate's sidekick. The plans for my fourth year of study are falling apart.

My snow globe universe is shaken, the foreign city inside vanishing as Fate upends the souvenir like an apathetic toddler learning cause and effect.

Despite my wanderlust and best laid plans, I've been thrown off course...

and left in a state of

Releasing NOVEMBER, 2018!

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