Poseidon God of Sea Samuel

God of the Sea, protector of all waters after the fall of the Titans, Poseidon was allotted the Sea. Poseidon was extremely powerful,. It all stated when Metis gave Cronus a potion that made him throw up. When Zeus was born Rhea gave Cronus a stone to eat. Poseidon storm's were as strong as he was. Ghea told Zeus to free to free t he child Tartus the Cyclopes Hecatoncheires . The Cyclopes created special weapons for the three brothers.

Zeus got his famous thunderbolts Hades got his helmet that could him invisible Poseidon got his three pronged spear that could control the universe. Finally Poseidon was able to show his great strength Titans also while the Cyclopes three brothers worked together. Their father, Cronus was destined to share the same fate as his own father. Poseidon at the end of the war did a distraction while Hades took the Titan's while Zeus threw one of his thunderbolts. Mt.Olympus was not always so peaceful, didn't always follow the orders of Zeus.

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