Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Payton Tucker

Frogs: A Chorus of Colors Exhibit

NATURE AND ETHICS: The Natural History Museum's exhibit on frogs provided an enjoyable and informative perspective on that of the many different frogs around the world and how their lives can be affected by our impact on the environment. This beautiful display of some of the many different types of frogs there are in the world was eye opening, and serves to be a very captivating and interesting approach to appeal to the cause of conserving frogs and their ecosystems. I felt completely captivated by the exhibit, maybe because I have always like frogs, and found others to feel the same way. All around me people were taking in the information on the lit boards, and searching the glass tanks to find the frogs within. By leaving the room in which the exhibit was held dark, the only light coming from the frog tanks and the lit boards of information, the attention of the people observing it was always focused on something informative and eye-catching. Everyone in the exhibit seemed to be genuinely interested with the frogs and the information surrounding them. I think that everyone who visited the frog exhibit in the museum would unanimously agree that they would want to do their part in protecting these beautiful creatures, and ultimately would agree with Leopold that it is an ethical responsibility to do so.

Northwest Florida Waterways and Wildlife Exhibit

NATURE AND HUMAN SPIRIT: The Northwest Waterways and Wildlife Exhibit in the museum enables people to observe the many different aspects of nature that can be found in Florida. From estuaries to the beach, there are so many different ecosystems that call Florida their home. This exhibit was extremely detailed and life like, making you feel as if you were really in the ecosystem that the display held. This immersion into the exhibit allows for individuals to have a special experience when learning about the ecosystem and the characteristics it possesses. The many unique and fascinating animals and plants that can be found in the displays all have complex intertwining relationships, and seeing them in the displays allowed me to step outside of my daily life and appreciate the beauty in the nature of my home state. The detail in the exhibit led me to take a step back and think about just how beautiful our state is, and the complexity of each individual environment. Being able to walk through the different ecosystems that can be found in Florida allowed me as an individual to recognize all the mystery and wonder that nature has to offer to us as intelligent humans. The exhibit opened my eyes and broadened my awareness to the delicate and wonderful nature that we are always surrounded by, but typically just pass by without much thought.

The Hall of Florida Fossils: Evolution of Life and Land

NATURE ON DISPLAY: I personally was very attracted to the Hall of Florida Fossils exhibit because I have always been fascinated by creatures of the past. I was infatuated with dinosaurs as a child, and upon entering the exhibit, I realized that it wasn't particularly about velociraptors, but it was extremely interesting nonetheless. The design and lighting made the atmosphere of the exhibit really appealing to me. I loved the dim overall lighting with the displays being lit individually to draw more attention towards them. I loved the atmosphere of the exhibit, as well as the information that it was presenting. I was able to read about the extinct toothed whale, and able manatees. Learning about creatures that cease to exist on this planet is sad, but something that I like to inform myself about. This exhibit displayed the information it was trying to translate it a beautiful and graceful way, creating a sense of curiosity and instilling wonder within each individual. I found this exhibit to be extremely enjoyable because of the atmosphere and the information that was being displayed itself. I would happily revisit this exhibit and read more thoroughly about all of the creatures that existed in Florida's history.


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