our wild life by: Elif

There are more that one billion animals on earth and one hundred animals get killed every day for food such as burger, fish, ham and more. Sea animals get killed more than one million times a day because we throw the litter in the water then the fish eats it and then dies.
Did you know that every day millions of animals get killed because for food? In my opinion we should STOP eating food which has animals in them such as burgers and we should eat healfy things like vegtibles.
Did you know if you don't close your light when you don't even need it then you would be wasting electricity and energy? You need to close your light, lamp or car.
Every day more than one thousand litter apears in the sea. We should STOP throwing litter in the water and instead we should put it in the recycle bin. Did you know whales swim with their mouthe open so fish can swim in and the whale can eat it but the whale can also eat the plastic?
Did you know pollution can kill our world? The smoke can make the earth very very dirty in fact so dirty that if you put your hand in front of you , you can't see your hand and you have to have speiciel things to cover your mouth so you don't breath the dirty air. Some contories are like that because they don't look after there contorie.
These poor animals die because of US. There are lots of extinced animals everywere such as suger gliders, birds, elephants, monkey and more. Did you know dolphins cant breath under water so they jump every time.
You don't want this poor pug to die...


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