My Spark Story Good Life performance


This is the way the theatre is set up; I found this picture on the internet. My seat was very close to the middle of the picture, in the first row of padded seats. Because of this, I was very comfortable and my view was never obstructed. Because of my seat, a few of the actors and actresses came right in front of me which made for a cool experience.


My experience was actually worsened by the social aspect. I didn't get to go with any of my friends, so I was all alone. The group of people to my left was talking quite a bit, which was slightly annoying at the begining of the show. They stopped after about 30 seconds or a minute, and did the same thing after the intermission. The person to my right was extremely annoying, as he just wouldn't stop talking. It wasn't even about the play, it was about random nonsense. Luckily for me, he left after the intermission.

Cultural and Intellectual

The play allowed me to see how we as a culture view things that are different than our own way of thinking. We tend to not like different things at first, no matter what it is. We also tend to hide things that we don't think society will deem as "weird" or different, even if that something is what will make us happy. We shouldn't care what others think of us, we should do what makes us happy.


The Devine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt is a way for us to come clean, because it has some aspects that we as a society aren't particularly proud of, but it brings those issues to the light. For example, both the sexual assault by the priest and the children working in the factories are issues that we as a society shouldn't be proud of, but it brings these issues into the light. Both of these issues caused problems, both of which were (somewhat) solved. This solving of the problems allows us to cope with the problems we have with our actions of our past.

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