Lakota Remote Learning Resources Student Edition (7-12)

Remote Learning Expectations

Get Organized:

  • Find a space free from too many distractions.
  • Create a schedule to balance school work, physical activity, you time, etc.
  • Get organized in Google Drive or OneDrive.

Own the Learning:

  • Complete the weekly lessons for each class.
  • Submit assignments on time.

Connect Online:

  • Reach out to teachers, counselors, tech support, or other school staff if you need anything.
  • Clearly understand how your teacher(s) will be communicating with you (email, Canvas, Virtual Office Hours, etc.).
  • Respond to discussion boards set up by your teacher(s).
  • Provide feedback to your teacher about your Remote Learning experience.
  • Seek help from and collaborate with your classmates through Canvas or email.

Sailing the Cs

Don't forget to visit your Sailing the Cs of Lakota Learning course, found on your Canvas dashboard.

This course focuses on 1:1 learning and has the following modules:

  • Setting Sail on the 7 Cs - Citizenship, Communication, Collaboration, Creation, Critical Thinking, and Curation
  • All Aboard: Chromebook
  • Choppy Waters: Troubleshooting
  • and the all new - Innovation Hub Excursions! (Some of which can be done at home!)

Quick Links:

7th-8th Grade Sailing the Cs 2019-2020 SY

9th-12th Grade Sailing the Cs 2019-2020 SY

Chromebook Support:

If you have a Chromebook issue that cannot be resolved using the resources provided, WEareEMPOWERED student device support is available by emailing CBhelp@lakotaonline.com or by calling 513-644-1197.


In these uncertain times, one of the best things we can do is to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of each other. We can all benefit from consistent routines/habits, mindful activities, and self-care.

Below are some resources for ideas and habits that support your social and emotional health.

Grow Yourself

The weekly learning activities and assignments provided by your teachers are not designed to fill a typical face-to-face school day. Below are some resources that you can explore to grow as a learner and as a person.

Hoonuit is a great resource found on Onelogin that will provide you with short, learning modules for, not only time management, but also college success, career readiness, goal setting, and more!

INFOhio is OHIO's PreK-12 Digital Library and provides students with online resources by grade and subject, along with career exploration and planning tools. You can also check out their Hobbies & Crafts reference center!


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