A Worthy Cause..... "There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up."

Today is, probably, the most important day of the year at Orley Farm School. It is the day we offer our thoughts and help to those less fortunate than we are.

Last year, Adam Virani, wrote an amazing letter to Mr Davies suggesting that the charity 'Home Start' would be a worthy candidate to receive some valuable extra funding. Adam, who knew the organisation through the work of his mother, spoke so passionately about the way the organisation helps young and vulnerable families and their motto of 'reach the family, reach the child', made them a fantastic choice.

Since then, the Orley Farm School Community has embarked on a journey of amazing events to raise money for this most deserving of projects. Such events have included a Colour Run, a London Orbital Abseil and a swimathon.

This morning, during our assembly, it was our great privilege to see Adam hand over a check for £5,435 to Ealing Home Start. Thank you to the Orley Farm Community for your amazing generosity.

Today, was also a very emotional time as we announced our new charity that we will be supporting in 2019.

As many of you may know, last summer the Orley Farm Community was rocked and devastated by the sudden and unexpected passing of Rahul Patel - son of our HR Administrator, Purvi. Rahul passed away on June 19th due to an incredibly rare and hidden genetic condition, leaving behind his two sister's Ayeesha and Anjalee along with mum and dad, Purvi and Manish. He was only 15 years old.

Rahul was a loving, happy, responsible, intelligent and selfless young man. He had a passion for life and a willingness to grab every opportunity on offer. He was devoted to his family and was a pivotal cog in everything that they did together.

Rahul loved school. Indeed, his friends described him as fun, helpful, always smiling, encouraging, kind, smart and an inspiration to others to be a better person.

He was a genius computer coder and won the computing award at his school for two years in a row. He won the award this year, for a third consecutive time, with mum and dad proud to collect it on his behalf. Rahul loved to attend Computer Science revision classes, with Purvi and Manish believing he did this purely because of his love of the subject. Unbeknown to them, his talent and modesty was such that, he was actually attending so that he could develop and build a computer science revision website that could be used to help other pupils who were struggling in the subject - a true reflection of his kindness and ability to always consider others! He also programmed Google Home Mini to randomly turn the house lights on and off to ward off burglars when the family were away on holiday. He even programmed it to switch off his alarm clock but ended up waking the whole family when Google didn't recognise his voice!

Rahul's other main passion was travel. He loved nothing more than to inspire his family to go globetrotting as often as possible - visiting India, Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Bali and Singapore to name but a few places. He would count down the days before every trip and enjoy every second of being part of a new adventure.

Although his family didn't see him as a sporty individual, they would always be amazed at his daring and daredevil attitude towards trying new things - especially water sports! Leading him to snorkel, jet ski and parasail over the ocean - activities that demonstrated the hidden fearless side of Rahul.

He was also a typical boy! Leaving his washing all over the floor, his bags where people would always fall over them but getting away with it due to the love and affection that he showed his family every day.

This year, Orley Farm School are proud to pay tribute to Rahul by supporting Great Ormond Street Hospital, the Metabolic Unit. This Unit was instrumental in discovering what was wrong with Rahul and his family have been overwhelmed with the level of care and love that they have received from everyone connected to the hospital - a level of care that still continues for the family today. Whilst we can never bring Rahul back or ease the pain that his family feel every day, we can honour his legacy and keep his memory alive. I am sure you'll agree, that this is a fitting way to do so.

We would also like to reiterate a message from Purvi - 'Live your lives and take your opportunities'. Rahul did this every day of his life - at home, at school and in everything that he did. He was an inspiration to everyone that knew him and his family would love nothing more than to see the Orley Farm Community pull together, to help other families that find themselves in an unthinkable situation such as theirs.

Please visit our fundraising page by clicking on the button below.


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