4B18 Matthew McKee

It was the day I left from Scotland I was scared to go on the the ships. My name Is Mckee I was a lore class so wen I went on the ship I was at the steerage so I had to eat tarible food.I heard story's about the people how snuck up to the first class they were caut and they were throne of the ship so I did not do that. When I got to the island I saw the statue of liberty, I was crying until I reached the island.

I lived in Scotland before I came to America

When I reached the island I walked right on to the ground it was the first time I was on solid ground in about 2 years I was relieved to not be rocking on a boat when we got to a BIG room some people and some metal thing in their eye and some people were sitting on the side with a sticker with the letter X and some with the letter P and then a when it was my tern to get checked it hurt but not as much as the last exam the last exam they stuck a mettle thing in my eye and they said that I had no diseases and then they said I can stay but then I saw the people with diseases go back on the boat and stated going back home I felt sad for them. So then I went to the train station but it coasted $20 and I did not have eney money so I had to find a way to get money so then i saw someone then I saw get throne over the side on the near the island on the journey and I new he had no money before so I went up to ask him he said their is a post over there and they will give you $20 for free,so I got the money and then I went on a train and It was going to Alaska,it took about 2 months to get to Alaska wen I did get to Alaska I got of the train and then I went to get a job and the job then most interest me was a scientist and then I got the job and I got to be a biologist and I have discovered many animals such as the red wolf and the rock fish and the red fox and the spirit bare that only lives in Alaska.

  1. statue of liberty facts: the torch stands for fredom
  2. it has the tablet that says July 4,1776 in roman numerals
  3. it is steeping forward for progress
  4. it had taken over 20 years to build it

Favorite Things

  1. I liked the video because you can see what it is like on the ship
  2. what the statue of liberty looked liked
  3. to see how happy they were wen they came to the island



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