Veil, Volume One Tony Hicks

Veil is a series that I first conceptualized and produced in November 2019 using digital photography. Veil takes a critical view on the question “Who am I?” in a body of work of different parts, referred to as volumes, through various mediums. Veil currently exists with seven volumes, consisting of works of portrait and self portrait photography utilizing both digital and film formats, a short film titled Le Fantôme de toi, a performance piece titled Somewhere I'll Be Seen, and a book of photography and poetry titled Sad Poems by a Very Sick Person. Each volume in this body of work was created with the intention of holding its own weight as standalone projects in the context of fine art, but also fits together as a whole while reflecting on the ideas of individualization, identity removal, and obstruction of clarity.

Volume One of this work, titled Veil, symbolizes the feelings of a ‘loss of self’ and ‘identity removal and obstruction’ through the depiction of a human draped in a sheer, white veil. As the flagship volume of this body of work, Veil, Volume One was created as a way for me to express the feelings and emotions addressed by the series, with the hope for my audience to draw on these emotions, and to give a way for them to search for the answer to the question “Who am I?” themselves.

This is Veil, Volume One.

Created By
Anthony Hicks