Reach For the Stars October 2020 Newsletter By: K&C

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Welcome to our October Newsletter!


  • RFTS charity was founded by Kira Reid & Carlos Aragon in June 2020. Even though we are a small charity, we are of mighty force; feeding over 340 individuals, serving the homeless community and inspiring over 1,00 community members through space exploration
  • RFTS is thrilled to connect with you by sharing our “work”, announcements, successes and upcoming events
  • Please let us know if you would like to share your story in a future newsletter
RFTS is happy to announce a partnership with Vail Coffee Stop. Our next Star Party will be between the tracks in Vail on 7Nov20 at 5:30pm at the Vail Coffee Stop parking lot. Come out and enjoy some coffee, hot chocolate, tea, Italian soda while stargazing for charity. Thank you to local artist, Beth Lusk for painting our Astronaut board cut-out for events, it looks phenomenal! Find more of her work @Bethhhemian_art on Instagram!


  1. RFTS received its Arizona nonprofit (26Aug20) approval and is now awaiting IRS approval
  2. Website: RFTS charity is happy to have launched a CHARITY GIFT SHOP. 100% of the purchase price will help fund our three vital programs. To view: go to www.rftstars.com/shop or click here

What's been happening with the 3 programs?

#1 - Our Food Program

RFTS has provided 13,682 meals in October alone, yes that’s correct, THIRTEEN THOUSAND as well as passed out over 150 goodie bags to happy children for Halloween (thanks to our Halloween donor Linda!)

Everything you see in the images, including backpacks, hygiene, telescopes and food is what RFTS gives out and need's help receiving. Every single item means love and has value beyond monetary worth. When we come together and provide a meal for someone, a bag of hygiene or a telescope... that person/family will always remember it, making it possible for them to pay it forward one day.

"Lets start a butterfly effect with giving." -RFTS Team

It was your donations of food and hygiene that completely made our families month, allowing them one step closer to finding a lifetime of peace. Thank YOU!

RFTS has many wonderful clients, most have shown more and more appreciation every time they come pick up. Some clients even donate food, or a few dollars when they don't have to. They say its the least they can do. How kind of them!

Some of the parents have struggled in the past with addiction, but were strong enough to overcome their inner demons. Now they are proud, doing exceptionally well, even though they are tight on funds in this world of chaos, they say having help allows them to get through the day.

“This place is absolutely amazing! Thank you all so so much. I cant find the words. This is something we never thought we would find. I'm a proud man, and this was hard for me to admit, but we couldn't do this without you. Especially last week. I thought the kids would start asking when they would be able to eat. I'll never forget this. We are so grateful for you and this community” (Warrior Parent)

#2 - Homeless Outreach Program

Swapping Trashbags For Backpacks

Sleeping Under The Stars

For some of us, a night under the stars sounds wonderful. However, have you tried it in 40 degree weather without a blanket, sweater or food?

The weather has for most people made a glorious change in temperature, but for our homeless community it is not as nice for them. When they try to sleep, besides being scared of getting robbed or attacked, they shouldn’t be worried if they are going to freeze or wake up with a nasty cold, they should be warm. If they are warm, with a full belly, they are able to enjoy the nights sky as they prep for the next days journey, focusing on what needs to be accomplished.

This month, thanks to the help of your donations, 8 homeless souls received much needed warmth along with their regular necessities. We will need your help as we proceed into the winter. To donate sleeping bags, blankets, beanies, backpacks and gloves; please contact us. You never know who's life your going to change.

"Thank you soo much. That blanket is really warm." (Homeless, yet worthy)

10 new homeless beauties reached out to RFTS this month! 21 more were served. Seems as if the word is spreading, and the mission is working!

Sticking together through tough times

A Homeless Mother's Story

RFTS had the joyous pleasure in meeting a beautiful mother who was kind enough to share her story about being homeless. Even though she is doing great now, living in an apartment that she worked very hard at procuring, she will never forget the time she lived outside. She stated that for 4 years her and her children sleep outside a Denny’s next to her children’s school, just to make the most out of her situation.

“Every little bit went a long way and no matter what walk of life you come from, you deserve help.” She told us this story as she donated a bunch of food, drinks and even money for meals. She could have used it for herself, but she said “I wanted to help someone in need now that I am doing better.” Now, she is a star on our wall. - Once homeless, now a fighter, a mother and a beautiful soul.

Volunteer of the Month

Thank you Grace!! - RFTS Team

Grace took 4 hours out of her day to help with the most time consuming part of our days, the packing of hygiene bags to put inside our homeless backpacks. She was kind enough to take time out of her schedule to pack 150+ large hygiene bags for our homeless beauties! Now all RFTS has to do is toss the bag into the backpack with the other necessities (food, resource list, underwear/socks, shirt etc.) and pass them out. This was a HUGE blessing to the RFTS team. YOU ROCK GRACE!

#3 - Monthly Star Party Program

"He counts the stars and calls them all by name" Psalm 147:4

This month RFTS hosted 2 Star Parties, one being a Private Event. Combined, the 2 Star Party Events had over 120 attendees (intermittently), raised $160 towards RFTS charity programs and collected over 90 lbs of non-perishable food.

Saturn is extremely bright, small and very far away. Capturing it on video is no easy task and requires serious equipment. Seeing it in person is completely different. The human eye can change exposure and focus unbelievably fast. Come see for yourself before it leaves our night sky for 6 months!

A short, one sided conversation with a mother when it was her turn to look at Saturn:

"I can't see anything..." *moves closer* "OH MY WORD! Jesus take me... WHAT? I HAVE NEVER EVER.... *gasps, steps back* "That's the most stunning thi..." (child moves in) "NO NO NO It's still my turn little one..., I'm so sorry" *laughs* "My eyes are watering and I got goose bumps! Look at that! It's right there! The rings and the... Why... I'm so happy I came tonight but mad at myself because I haven't seen this before... wow!" *Steps back, puts hand on hip with sass* "What else is up there that your gonna show me? " *Raises eyebrows*

A huge thank you to everyone who donated money and food to us. Our shelves were empty, and after the events, our stock was overflowing! It was such a blessing to team up with you!

RFTS is proud to announce its partnership with Vail Coffee Stop. RFTS will be hosting its next Star Party on 7Nov2020 at 5:30pm between the Tracks in Vail at the Vail Coffee Stop.

Come learn, listen, share and enjoy the night sky with your community!

"The Future Lies with Today's Youth & Tomorrows Space Exploration"

With the help of YOU we raised (to date) $900. In October we gifted 4 families with telescopes impacting 8 children and 7 adults this month.

If you would like to help us continue to spread hope and inspire our youth, then this program is for you! Please click the button below to jump to our website donation page.

Here are some of the wonderful people we gifted a telescope to in October. Now imagine how much fun a child (and adult) can have seeing Saturn's rings or Jupiter's moons!

Spreading joy and inspiration is one of our missions and thanks to everyone who donates to the Amplified Silence (AS) telescope program, it's WORKING. Spreading smiles and hope across the galaxy.

"We are all STARS, and we all deserve to TWINKLE"
"There is no other place in the world like RFTS. I can't thank you enough. Never would I have been able to get a telescope for my son before Christmas, especially for free. Bless your hearts!" (Telescope Parent winner)


Congratulations Jackson Echtner! Your photo (shown below) is absolutely stunning. It exudes everything we stand for here at Reach For The Stars; beauty, creativity, wonder, serenity and those stars, wow! Thank you for sharing such an awe-inspiring piece of time. Don't forget to come pick up your prize!

Thank you all for participating and don't forget to submit your image to be featured in our next newsletter!

Credit: Jackson Echtner, 16 years old local armature astro photographer

A sneak peak at where your donations go...

Grateful families that YOUR donations help every week!

RFTS Financials

Found at www.RFTStars.com

What we need & how to donate?

Food Pantry: Cold & pantry food items, snacks, canned food, boxed meals etc.

Homeless Outreach: Backpacks, mini hygiene, small foods, blankets, beanies, gloves & long johns

Star Party: Telescopes to donate or use at Star Parties, lenses, small telescopes for kids/teens, future scholarship donations $ for inbound college students (STEM degree), donations for upkeep on equipment, tripods etc.

If you prefer to donate monetarily, 100% goes straight into the 3 Charity Programs:

Zelle: RFTstarsorg@gmail.com PayPal: RFTstarsorg@gmail.com CashApp: $RFTstars Check: Payable to: Reach For The Stars 10895 S Arrowhead Spring Drive Vail, Az 85641

**contact us for a receipt if you donate online**

Also, below is our Amazon Food Program & Homeless Outreach Wish List (feel free to add things you think are good to have (Awaiting Amazon Smile):



Current Company Supporters/Partners

As each month ends, RFTS reflects on the words of those that have been affected in a positive way by these programs. EVERY person sends a heartfelt THANK YOU, and will remember the time when they were desperate, and someone came.
Thank you Jenny Motzkin!
Thank you Pinal Fire & Medical District!
Thank you Curtis!
Thank you Vail Coffee Stop Family!
Thank you Regina!
Thank you Mark!
Thank you to ALL the private donors, we cannot do this without you all!
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End - October 2020 Newsletter

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