Artemis Chris e


Family information where goddess lives and where he/she from

Zeus/leto island oof ortygia (delos)

Names for goddess

diana means light

what this goddess is in charge of

hunting wild animals in the wilderness shes a goddess of child birth

special traits or skills

hunting child birth and moon/ she has perfect aim with a bow/ clever

plants/animals/are associated with this goddess

dogs birds horses bear bees/honey suckle/cresent moon new moon bow and arrows and 3 pillers blue sky

what weakness

fear and disgust caused by the past / when one priestesses is caught by her lover in temple grounds she punishes the whole community with a plague

humans for whom they patron

in child birth/ guardian of young children


when leto was pregnant with artemis and napollon fled heaven and landed on the island of ortygia and she is the goddess of perfect aim with a bow and moon and she is a guarden of birth children

2 interesting facts

she has perfect aim with a bow/she has a cool symbol

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