Ryan is Celebrating Diversity Scottish & German

My name is Ryan Bradley Scobel. (An awesome name in my opinion).

As you can see, part of my family came from Scotland, and that is a very important part of my heritage, and I appreciate it.

But I was born in Troy MI, in the USA. Michigan. And I am very glad I was born here!

This is my Nationality. I think it's a pretty awesome combo.

My Dad's part of my family comes from Germany, and I am also a bit Italian.

Even a tiny tiny tiny part of my family is from Nothern Ireland. No one even knows what part of my family is from there!

If your thinking I should wear green for Saint Patric's Day your WRONG! Northern Ireland's color is orange insted of green! Your thinking of southern Ireland, because their color is green.

My Family came for...

My mom's side came for a better life.

Scotland is beautiful though. I can show you a picture!

Rocky. It definitely isn't THAT rocky here.
Oh... the beautiful mountain and lakes and prairies...
This is the Scottish National Flower. It kinda looks like a cactus with a flower on top. It's Beautiful!
Sometimes, don't you just want to see a awesome sunset? Well, in Scotland you can!

My dad's side came to escape World War ll.

So my dad came here to America, so he could live peacefully.

Scotland Is known for...

Bagpipes and kilts. Deffinitly!

A crucial factor to highland dancing.

Some famous structures from Scotland are...

This is the Scottish Parliament. A lot of important debates where made here.
This is the Riverside Museum. It looks like a big wall from the front and you wonder how people walk in and out!
This is the Clyde Auditorium. It got nicknamed, "the armadillo". You can see why!

Some men from Germany where these. They are called Lederhosen.

(I would never wear one of those for a million bucks!)

And German woman wear this.

It is called a Dirndi. (I would never wear this for a billion bucks!)

One of Germany's famous structures is...

The Berlin Wall.

As you can see, it's pretty big.

And it was torn down after the Cold War, and that's what it is mostly famous for.

I can speak...

3 word in German, everything in English, and about 50 words in spanish, because we take spanish class in school.

Scottish Foods!

Top left, Fish and Chips, top right scones, bottom, meat pie.


I love fish and chips! The crunchy outsides... the white delicious insides... mmmmmm!

Food Facts! Episode One: In Scotland and some other countries "chips" are fries.

Food Facts! Episode Two: The Fish used for fish and chips is cod, and that is the fish I love!

Food Facts! Episode Three: Scones look like tasty deserts, but they are eaten at breakfast! (There's a type of scone that has chocolate chips in it. Why do they eat that for breakfast? I don't know).

German Foods!

Top left, pretzel, top right, bratwurst, bottom, roast goose.

Have you ever heard of a roast goose? Neither have I.

Have you ever ATE a roast goose? Neither have I.

And of course since I'm a little Italian...


Who doesn't like spaghetti? If you don't like spaghetti... You're CRAZY! (I might be overreacting about that).

One of my customs are...

Highland dancing. My Great Grandma did, my Grandma still does some, and my Mom does it. She teaches highland dancing not for a living, but for kinda a secondary job.

This is my Mom. She just won fourth place in the whole world!

This is my Grandma. She loves to highland dance too!
This is my Grandma. She is really good at highland dancing.

This is picture of my Great Grandma. She helped a lot of a people with highland dancing so sometimes HER name is on the trophies that they give to the winners!

This is my Grandpa on my mom's side. We call him poppi, but I don't know what language it is in.

He has a company named L. Mason Capitani.

And this is my Grandma.

I don't really have any other traditions because most of them are only on holidays, especially thanksgiving.

I mostly have and do American traditions. So I eat American food every day like chicken... and sandwiches... ETC.

My favorite holiday is Christmas.

And not just because of the presents!

But we do open presents on Christmas. It's the first thing we do!

A tradition we do on Christmas is that we eat lambchops.

And they are very tasty!

And after Christmas dinner, we drive around the neighborhood and look at all the cool houses decorated with lights. Then we chose which house we like best!



For reading this presentation...

Have you ever noticed how ugly someone's face can look like when it's close up? I'M NOT UGLY.

All about Me!

Created By
Ryan Scobel


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