In the novel things fall apart okonkwos family is all different in their own way. Nwoye is the only boy and he is very sentimentalize and has a lot of feeling. The back ground to family,religion,and language would be that how you become these things depends entirely on your is valued by many different people.

A family always helps with what needs to get done and helps hold the household up.

chores are some things that most families have in their home to keep up with all the housework.

  • The building blocks of family include
  • each person is valued in the home
  • two - way communication
  • makes an effort
  • adults share responsibilitys

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Family will always work together to get done what ever needs done.


Many family are integrated and perfer that way over another.


In a family you don't have to have a mom and a dad you could have a mom and a mom or a dad and a dad like this picture.


One way that family's spend their time together is by watching movies.


This is a chart to explain how many children are without parents and can still work on their own.


You will always need your family no matter what happens

In a family the love for your siblings is very important.

There are also family work places like this dintice office.

Family is like a staircase you never know when you need to go up or down.


A christianity religion is based on one god and a belief of compleate abstinice.

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There are many different religions that deal with many different types of family's.

Jesus is a symbol of gratitude and grace.

This is jesus who was held on a cross.

My way is the only way and there is no way out

Which ever path you choose leads to a different way of thinking.

Buddhas always meditate.

sacred bible

This is a Jewish way to celebrate Christmas since they don't celebrate it the way Americans do.

No matter what religion you are in the rules are rules.


There are many different types of language.

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Little kids express language and emotion in a different way called paraphrasing their words.

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In the picture above a woman and a man are talking different than normal because they like each other.

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Language is a system of communication that uses symbolism.

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All human communicate with language.

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Most communication is not spoken it is showed threw body language.


This woman's language is different because of the way she is dressed, the way her hair is done, and the way er makeup is done.


Communication deals with a lot of different ideas.


Language always starts with a process.


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