Patterns - I chose this image to demonstrate patterns. The bricks create a horizontal pattern .

Texture - This image shows the texture of the concrete and rocks including the ridges and groves.

Rule of Thirds - In this picture I tried to put the focal points on the right side of the frame (baseball).

Leading Lines - I thought the rows of blocks in this building demonstrated a good example of leading lines.

Framing - I was trying to find something to use as a frame and thought of the car mirror as we were driving.

Space - I took this picture to demonstrate the use of unknown space, and make the viewer imagine what she is looking at

Shallow Depth of Field - I decided to use my bat and focus on the bright colored writing. I thought the flower would make a good focus point with bright color.

Deep Depth of Field - This was the hardest picture for me to get. Trying to get a picture with the foreground fuzzy was challenging. I tried to focus on the goal and clouds in the background.

Framing (Black and White) - I used eyeglasses for the frame and thought it was a neat picture.

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