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Digital alchemist - Graphic Fashion - Designer Font landscape architect - Blank space designer -Collector of memories within photos - Internet hunter.

love for music, movies, gadgets, internet comics and Japan



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illustration and photos exhibition

mostART is an artistic exhibition to draw attention to more serious themes, through illustration, photography or other artistic expressions, sometimes it is easier to alert people with images. The theme of the exhibition change every year and we ad a mostrART about Bullying, Domestic Violence, Gender equality etc

The project Bookspot aims to share the pleasure of reading: it can be through books, magazines, comics or newspapers, the most important thing is to read and share that pleasure with everyone. All the books on this shelves are also yours, to read here or to take with you (but don’t forget that, in order to take a book you should leave one yourself). If you have books at home that need new owners, the BookSpot shelves are waiting for them, in order to spread adventures, knowledge, news, poetry and dreams. If you want to help our project and become one of the curators of our shelves, send us an e-mail to multitudo.net@gmail.com with the city and place where you wish to put the Bookspot and also leave us some feedback about our project. Help us to share.


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Ricardo Ferreira