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As We Go Forth...

A Message from Gay Patrick

As this school year ends, we must all focus on the next year and what opportunities it holds: new opportunities to show what librarians can do to contribute to the learning environment of their school, whether it is virtual or face-to-face or some hybrid, but either way THIS IS OUR TIME TO CONNECT. We must connect students, teachers, parents, and school community to the resources which are offered for their use as information specialists, librarians, teacher librarians or whatever we are to be called.

COVID-19 has had a great impact on our students, our staff, making the digital divide even greater. We are the agents of change who can help to keep that digital gap from widening even further apart or at least be sure our students have knowledge of what is offered to them. It is the practitioners in the field that must carry the responsibility of the work at the school level, seeing that their students and staff are knowledgeable. The support of Central Staff cannot be in the day-to-day role of supporting the learning at each of the campuses, but we do support what goes on there.

I am so proud of all the growth that I personally have witnessed through the virtual PLC’s, tweets, Facebook, Google+, and other social media accounts which showed their vibrant librarian shine and displayed the skills of their students. Special thanks go out to all who participated and learned! If nothing else this school year, each person learned that they alone are responsible for their learning. You were recognized again and again when your tweets were retweeted out by our upper administration and the school board members; when your accolades were written about in the newsletters. You and you alone are the captain of your information ship, the PR person, the advocate for our students and their reading and learning desires.

DASL Librarian of the Year

Kimberly Wooten

Kimberly Wooten, J.P. Starks Math Science and Technology Vanguard Librarian

Dynamic Librarians

CONGRATULATIONS to Ireland Librarian, Deneice Hullett for being awarded a $200 Lone Star Día Grant for Children’s Day, Book Day, from First Book Marketplace! The funding is awarded to help librarians celebrate children and foster their joy in reading during their Día celebration that will happen in the fall.  Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Engenders inclusiveness and diversity.

Dina Reitmeyer, W.T. White Librarian received some really nice comments from teachers and students. One is from a library aide, and one is from a teacher who contacted Dina about a special surprise for my book club students (Dina sent each member a book to their home for summer reading). Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Provides a conducive & safe learning environment and supports, supplements, and elevates learners' literacies

Favorite Thing about At-Home Learning

My favorite At Home Teaching activity was presenting Literacy & Music collaborative programs with our Music teacher for Fantastic Fridays. Our final program was a "Reading Rocks Book Jam." ~ Kimberly Wooten, Starks Math Science and Technology Vanguard

I have enjoyed being able sit outside while working from home and having a helper 😁. ~ Jesse Salinas, LMS Dept. Technician

Interacting with the students remotely and I loved when they sent me pictures of their projects. ~ Edith Bender, Moreno Elem.

I have really enjoyed creating and collaborating with colleagues to make interactive choice boards. The boards usually have various activities for different types of learners. ~ Bonner Hernandez, Rosemont-Semos

Share wonderful resources and community information that will help students, staff, and our community. ~ Eileen Wright, San Jacinto Elem.

Prepare fun videos to teach or about books. Leadership team, lead activities. Collaborate with "new" teachers to the library. Advocate for the importance of the library services. ~ Rosenid Badia, Franklin International Exploratory Academy

I really enjoy working from home because I've had time to learn more professional skills, build better digital content, and help out in the community. This month, I volunteered with Harvest Project and La Familia to deliver food baskets to DISD students and families and other members of the community. I think there could be a model for librarians to have flex time on and off campus. ~ Melissa Cunningham, Townview

I have enjoyed being able to stay connected with our students by creating Social Emotional learning lessons in collaboration with one of our assistant principals and SEL teacher. I made phone calls to check in on our families and creating our library google classroom and share as much information to keep our students excited about reading!!!!! Staying connected with our school community was a grand experience for me!!!!!!! ~ Sharanza Williams, Young Women's STEAM Academy

The best thing I did to support librarians was to host a virtual safe place for my Learning Networks where we checked-in and shared success and challenges. ~ DeNeene Henderson

My favorite contribution to the teachers and students at my school is the Library Fun Page I create each week. An idea I got from another Librarian. ~ Mark Hall, Medrano Middle School

I have set up semi-weekly online meets open to all students for a chance to talk about home learning, but mostly to just chat and enjoy each other's company! ❤️ ~ Shannon Thompson, Mata Montessori

This was the most meaningful thing during online learning - our school parade for Dia del nino had signs on both sides of the car to read on SoraApp. My boyfriend made the signs and drove his car, with me and the dog waving out the window. ~ Bethe Lehman, Soto Elem.

I’ve been adding information about Sora, and other eBook resources to serve my students. My favorite thing was to create a video for one of my dual credit classes to show the resources available on “both sides of the street” (Mountain View College and Molina High School). ~ Karen Harris

I enjoyed reading aloud and creating reading videos for our scholars! Doing so helped me feel connected to our readers in some way. I enjoyed getting together with my team and our scholars in fun ways virtually! ~ Erica Campos, Solar Prep for Girls

Virtual Bluebonnet Book Club with 3rd & 4th grade students who had the opportunity to visit with author Gillian McDunn who wrote Caterpillar Summer. ~ Rebecca Lopez, Rosemont Upper

Using Zoom to read to my students weekly. Challenging at first, but got it now. ~ Deborah Sims, Kleberg Elem.

Maria Rodriguez-Carter, L.K. Hall Elem.

I have enjoyed how Zoom has enabled librarians to have informal collaborations. ~ Dorothy Rhoads, Adams Elem.

I have done Zoom storytime with the students. We have a good time talking and then reading a story together. ~ Deneice Hullett, Ireland Elem.

I'm really proud of the site I made for my teachers with resources for online instruction and added to my library website. ~ Dina Reitmeyer, W.T. White HS

I loved to continue serving our campus community in solving their technology and other resource needs and helping in any way I can. One favorite thing was creating a Library Class for our Faculty, with helpful library resources for teachers that they have easy access to, and for another, Leslie Fisher's webinars were a wealth of great information!! ~ Natalia Ivenskaya, Booker T. Washington HSPVA

I created my Google Classroom library with the school. ~ Adriana Marroquin, Tasby Middle School

My favorite thing has been to still be able to work with the librarians and my Skyline students, even if it’s been virtually. Education is a people-centered vocation. We deal in growing humans -- teaching them, supporting them, and most importantly, learning from each other. I am pleased to say that I’ve still been able to do all three with my students and the librarians I’ve been privileged to work with this year -- with a strong emphasis on the learning from others! I’ve learned so much! ~ Heather Hornor

My favorite thing I’ve done to serve my students was creating a google site that curates all the available electronic resources for at home learning. Students are able to visit a centralized location to find e-books, e-audiobooks, databases, and other e-content. ~ Monica Vega, Dallas Environmental Science Academy

Being able to listen to audio books, being home has allowed me to listen to book after books…. And I like that.. ~ Aida Gamez, LMS Dept. System Administrator

I've conversed back and forth with students on Google Classroom about articles and videos I have shared with them through our Library Classes. Some of them have really opened up like never before in the actual school building. Another thing I've done for the younger students is to make some specially themed slides with several activities on them to commemorate "special days". ~ Jennifer House, Stevens Park Elem.

At-Home Learning

I've been relearning and growing my skills in web development. As a librarian I took some basic web development courses during my degree because I believe a library's web presence should be simple, functional, and helpful. I decided I wanted to have more technical skills so have been reviewing my foundation HTML and CSS knowledge while doing online courses in User Experience, Responsive Web Design and Javascript. I also started a course in Teaching English as a Foreign Language so that I can better serve our students who speak another language as their first language and may have language barriers either on the web or in person. ~ Melissa Cunningham, Townview

Lots of distance learning tools, practice with them, and teach others (parents, students, teachers, staff, community). ~ Rosenid Badia, Franklin International Exploratory Academy

I learned about Flipgrid and Screencastify both that I would love to use next year. I really thought Screencastify was hard to do until I took the webinar on it. ~ Trina D. Taylor, Weiss Elem.

I learned a lot about delivering technology at a distance, supporting distance education, and how to make it work in these circumstances. ~ Natalia Ivenskaya, Booker T. Washington HSPVA

What I am proud of – My bitmoji library…most of the elements link to a corresponding item. ~ Deidra Ballard-Moore, Pinkston HS

Google Classroom! I knew about some aspects, but not how to add all the bells and whistles that I do now. I also know what I will do for next school year when we have to include the At Home Learning Component again. I am going to prep more for this in advance by setting up sites and information beforehand. ~ Karen Harris, Molina HS

I have learned a lot more about digital tools such as conferencing platforms, Flipgrid, Immersive Reader, etc. ~ Shannon Thompson, Mata Montessori

I have learned a lot through online training and webinars. The things I used most were ZOOM, Google Classroom, Flipgrid, Choice Boards and Class Dojo. ~ Edith Bender, Moreno Elem.

Tena Adkins, Pershing Elem.

I’ve learned how to make choice boards for students. ~ Dorothy Rhoads, Adams Elem.

I learned to use Google Tour Builder and Google Expeditions to create a great 3D tour for the 5th graders who were learning about Annie Moore and Ellis Island. This tour was created based on the reading of this primary source document that the students needed to complete about Annie Moore. Students may have never had the opportunity to go to Ellis Island so this is a virtual field trip of that National Park location and the places referenced in the primary source. It is fun to view and has opened up other possibilities for students and teachers. The Expeditions app from google will allow this to be viewed in 3D with goggles or on a cell phone / tablet. You can also lead an Expedition as a teacher and limit how fast and where they go and point out facts as it is lead from a tablet. (Every device in a tour needs to be on the same wifi network.) This has great possibilities. Students could make their own too. ~ Christine Pilkington, Silberstein Elementary

I learned all the video platforms like Google hangouts, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. ~ Susan Mauldin, Kimball HS

I learned that I need to "arrive"/start virtual meetings 5 minutes before the actual starting time in case there's technical difficulties. ~ Tabatha Sustaita-Robb

Since Working from Home I have Discovered...

I am most proud of the resilient innovate librarians who continually go above and beyond to provide literacy opportunities for students. ~ Belinda Jacks

I don’t like being at home 24/7 I miss being able to visit with people.. so if this is what retirement looks like I don’t think I will ever really retire… 😊 ~ Aida Gamez, LMS Dept. System Administrator

I would say that given the current situation and the way things are going we have definitely had to learn to: Improvise, Adapt & Overcome a whole new way of living, working and finding a happy medium! ~ Gloria Rivera, LMS Dept. Supervisor

I was reassured on how confident I felt in the way the district handled everything and what kind of resources they offered to people like me from home. ~ Vincent Cazares, LMS Dept. Shipping and Receiving

I have learned that Social Media is not a one-size-fits-all for my students. I know a good number of my library students are reading. But I find myself wondering about those that I have not been able to reach, such as my autistic and less-outgoing students. As a result, I have decided to up my SM game by reaching out to specific interest groups. For example, include posts or sections with topics I know my autistic boys will be interested in reading (such as a Wimpy Kid Corner with jokes or games). I hope to be able to see positive results in communication as well as check-outs from this change. ~ Pamela Taylor, Kennedy Curry MS

There are aspects of working from home that I like (like not getting up at 5:00-5:30), but I also miss so many intangible things, like seeing my students’ smiles, hearing their laughter, and seeing the joy in their faces when they discover a book they like or create or design something new in our makerspace. I miss their hugs. ~ Edith Bender, Moreno Elementary

My AHA moment is when I was assigned 220 students to my library center = Google Classroom. I did not know a thing about Google Classroom. It is strange that I created the library center in 2019. Little did I know that I would be running my library through this arena. I know students want to learn. They showed me by completing assignments that will not apply to a passing or failing grade. I want to believe that they know that one more adult does care about them even when we can not see each other. ~ Juanita Kay Truelove, Garcia MS

I learned how many gifted caring librarians we have and their willingness to share their work. I could adapt their product and didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. Extremely grateful to all of them. ~ Dianne McCorcle, Arcadia Park

My Aha moment during distance learning is realizing the power of connecting directly with families. Distance learning forced me to abandon my safety net and promote the library program - not just to staff and students as I've done it the past - but also to the entire community. Today I posted the 44th video I created. And I have heard from many families along the way; I've received photos, poetry, artwork, and notes. I hope to build on this foundation and become a better advocate for library programming in the future. ~ Robin Wootan Pattillo, Lakewood Elem

Although I've discovered that I hate sitting in a chair all day (didn't realize how much I move around at school), overall, I've feel like I've really helped my students and staff and made things easier for them during a stressful time. ~ Dina Reitmeyer, W.T. White High School

I don’t like sitting still in front of a computer all day. I never realized how much I moved at school until now. ~ Karen Harris, Molina HS

I learned that other than no more hour commute to work (and back), and less makeup and dressing up, my life hasn't changed much being quarantined! 😉 ~ Shannon Thompson, Mata Montessori

I am able to do much more online material than I thought I could. I used a variety of fun Google Forms with the students, varying from instructional material to games. I did a virtual library for the students to enjoy over the summer. ~ Maria C Acevedo Negrón, Lipscomb Elem.

I did not realize how much my mood and overall health are dependent upon the normal school day. Although I’ve enjoyed the extra time with my family, I’ve really missed the interaction with students and colleagues – teaching, collaborating, and joking around. I’m blessed to work with some great people. ~ Adam Amland, Sunset High School

Create DIY for the students about fun ideas they can do at home related to books. ~ Rosenid Badia, Franklin International Exploratory Academy

I have discovered that what made me a good librarian on campus has continued to help me serve my campus remotely: resourcefulness, digital aptitude, initiative, relationship-oriented attitude, creativity, flexibility and “re-inventiveness”. Remote learning has definitely brought to light the fact that “library” is not the room, it’s the person. ~ Julie Sibley, Walker MS

I discovered to my surprise that I can make remote work effective for me, and I've even liked some aspects of it, but I don't like being away from my school library, and I especially miss interacting with students and faculty so much. ~ Natalia Ivenskaya, Booker T. Washington HSPVA

What Will I Do Next Time

Deidra Ballard-Moore, Pinkston Librarian, "What I have learned and will use going forward: Translation of practice for School Librarians"

Create more videos (only better and being able to edit when I can) to show the resources available and see if I can embed them in the teachers Google Classrooms or other platforms. ~ Karen Harris, Molina HS

I am looking forward to honing my virtual toolkit to be ready for whatever hybrid version Covid brings. I am learning how to connect virtually in a meaningful way especially to those of our students who need more support in learning in this new normal. That is what makes me happy. ~ Belinda Jacks

I plan to be more intentional with visiting librarians, whether it be in person or virtual by scheduling in advanced. ~ Tabatha Sustaita-Robb

What I will do next time is more of the same with the intent to always learn. Flexibility is key, so I like to leave it a little open so I’m ready to pivot and meet the next challenge that comes my way! ~ Heather Hornor

I plan to manage all of the training opportunities better. ~ DeNeene Henderson

I’ve discovered that I really enjoyed having coffee and a decent breakfast every morning while working from home. In order to continue doing that, I’ve added meal prepping breakfast with my returning back to the office schedule. ~ Vincent Cazares, LMS Dept. Shipping and Receiving

Relax, Reflect, Grow, & Stay Safe this Summer!

Enjoy family & friends. ~ Aida's Babies
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