Taiwan and Mongolia By: Jadyn Stubbs and Tyler smith

History of Taiwan:

Unsettled island in Dutch, Spanish and Chinese settled there, many refugees settled there, running from Ming Emporors

China war in Japan, japan took then china took it back

Chinese natinalist fled to Taiwan from communist china

China acknowledges "Taiwan authority". Made their own constitution and independanly elected president but views it as a sovereign state


"Folk religion" is a blend of ancient administ beliefs with tradition of Taoism, buddhism and Confucianism forms most of the beliefs of most Taiwanese.

Language they speak is northern Chinese also Called mandarin

A small number of Christians and even some other smaller groups practice other religoin

Social conventions:

Traditional holidays are closely observed

Entertainment is more offered in restaurants not at home and visitors are not usually expected to entertain

Handshaking is common and casual, clothes are acceptable

1919, Outer Mongolia was occupied by the republic of China


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