Joplin,Missouri Tornado 2011

I chose the Joplin Missouri Tornado 2011. I chose it because tornadoes cause a lot of damage.

It occurred in Joplin,Missouri, it happened in 2011. It caused $3 Billion $$ in damage. IT damaged 583 business structures and nearly 7,500 residential structures.

It is weather related, it occurs by warm, moist air colliding with cold, dry air and it makes a tornado

It "cuts" through a mile long with a skinny path

Plants and animals are affected by tornadoes. It caused 1,000 injuries and 161 fatalities.

It caused deposition of dirt and rocks. The tornado eroded a small majority of the land. It weathered a bunch of the soil,grass, and trees away

The ecosystem will go through secondary succession. It will grow plants and trees after a many years

Some people were able to evacuate, but most were taken by surprise



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