Autism Sydney, Kameran, Paulina.

What is Autism?

Autism is a mental condition that can not be cured. It lasts for many years or a lifetime. Many people with autism have trouble making contact and socializing with others. There are different levels of autism: low cases, mild, and severe.

Autism can affect the brain. It can be difficult to communicate and interact with people and things. Not all people with Autism Spectrum Disorder have the same effects.

Autism is a disorder that you can not cure. There are therapy classes that help with (ASD). Some of the most common are speech therapy, behavior therapy, physical therapy, and nutritional therapy.

People with autism have trouble making friends. People could use an act of kindness and try to interact with these people. There are clubs and groups that are for adults and kids with disorders to help them understand and interact with people and things.

Kids in school with autism have trouble focusing in school. They have trouble talking and making eye contact which would cause them to have a hard time looking at the board and communicating with teachers and classmates.

There is more information about them having trouble during school in the link below.

Kids with autism use ipads to help them learn better. Its hard for these kids to learn from paper, so these kids use electronics to help encourage them to learn. Its more fun for them than to struggle trying to read and write.

There are famous people with autism but they are very sucessful. Tim Burton, a famous movie creator (maker of the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas) has autism, but Tim has managed to make thirty-seven movies and is still continuing his career.

Click here for more about Tim Burton.

"Movies are like an expensive form of therapy for me." -Tim Burton

This is an inspiring video because the boy with autism explains his disorder and how he is not different from everyone else. He believes how he is as capable for doing anything else that others can.

This video describes what autism is. It gives a good description of how people with ASD see things differently and hear things differently.


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