Our final stretch... By: Paola, Luis & Daniel

Here we go
In this semester I learned a lot how to use English correctly and as it is pronounced correctly, I will explain unit by unit because there are parts of some units that I didnt liked:
Unit 1

In this unit everything was nice and easy to learn because they were topics that I had already seen but the topic that I liked most of this unit are passive and active because it was very easy and I understood very fast

Unit 2

This unit it was difficult the topic of simple or continuous verbs because for me its difficult to know the times of the sentences, i dont identified very well the time in which the sentence is, if it is present perfect simple or continuous? That is what is difficult for me, but the topic that helped me to balance this unit it was the prepositions because in that topic I am good

Unit 3

This unit was a little easier because it was the subject that I had already seen in the first unit that is active and passive and the other issues are not difficult

Unit 4

This unit feels easy because I am good for the negatives question and the topic of negatives and also that in this unit also repeats a topic that I had already studied before and in which I am good.

In these 4 units the easiest for me was unit 1 and unit 4 and the most difficult was unit 2, but I learned a lot in this semester

While I was watching unit 4 we did an activity in which Monsters University appeared and that same day I saw the movie and i love it and now I consider unit 4 the most funny unit :)

Hot verbs

In this unit we learned the differences that exist between the majority of the words that we use very commonly.

And we also differentiate between the 3 types of Phrasal verbs

Expect // Wait for // Look forward to
Unit 6

Vocabulary: Money advice.

We learned the meaning of various words in the economic field

pay off
unit 7

Phrasal verbs "TYPE 4"

Make off with
Cut down on
unit 8

We learned many new words and others not so new

The difference in this topic is that we identify what kind of vocabulary it belongs to ....

UNit 9

In unit nine we saw how we can describe the habits in past with used to, the vocabulary was difficult since they were homonymous words and phrasal verbs

Used toexamples:

I used to go to the beach every summer. I used to play videogames every saturday. I used to go to the cinema every friday.

Phrasal verbs examples:

The thieves broke into the warehouse and stole my jewels. I always count on with my friends. I look up to my brother for his courage.

Unit 10

In unit ten we saw the modals verbs of probability and in the vocabulary we learned the body idioms that are like phrases to describe an action.

Modal verbs examples:

I don't see their car, they can't have come back yet. I could have cancelled the meeting if i'd known earlier.

Body idioms examples:

Pablo can you give me a hand with my homework?. Did you see the accident? tell me, I'm all ears.

Unit 11

In unit 11 we learned about when a sentence is real or hypothetical, we also saw the inversion and in the vocabulary we learned similar words with different meaning.

Real or hypothetical past examples:

I wish i worked in the open air. Why didn't you come to the party?

inversions examples:

Imagine there were no more wars, wouldn't that be wonderful?. Had i understood the problem, i'd have done something about it.

Unit 12

The unit 12 in my consideration is of the easiest since we saw already known subjects like the articles and the demonstratives but also there are complicated subjects like the combining nouns

Articles examples:

Excuse me! is there a bank near here?. Where is Pablo? In the garden.

demonstratives examples:

These shoes are killing me. That was a wonderful film, wasn't it?

In this semester I managed to learn many topics some were simple and others difficult but I feel that my level ah improved a lot.@luis


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