Germany Selby Miller

Germany's geography varies. Germany has below sea-level wetlands, as well as very tall mountains. There are also lots of fields, or plains, rivers and lakes.

This is a picture of Neuschwanstein Castle. This castle is one of the many famous landmarks in Germany.

Neuschwanstein Castle was built by King Ludwig 2. He built this castle to get away from public life, but it is now visited by roughly 1 million people!

Another famous landmark is the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. This memorial was dedicated to the Jews that died during the holocaust. It is located in Berlin.

This is a photo of Peter Eisenman. He was the architect behind the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

Germany is located in western Europe. Berlin is the capital of Germany.

German, or Deutsch, is spoken in Germany, as well as Austria and Switzerland. Most German words come from Latin and Greek. A small portion come from French and English.

Roughly 65-70% of people living in Germany are following the religion of Christianity. Roman Catholic is another religion that they follow.

Roman Catholic is another religion that they follow.

Football is definitely the most popular sport in Germany. They also have many other sports that are pretty relatable sports in the U.S.

Germany is very good at football. They have won four World Cups, and three European Championships.

A while back Germans used to wear pants called "leather trousers". They were sort of like khakis. But they now wear pretty modern clothes like ours.

In Germany, lots of pork is consumed. They have many different dishes with pork in it, one of them is Schweinshaxe (shown above).

Houses in Germany are pretty similar to houses in the U.S., although some are more exotic than others.

In 1991, the Berlin Wall was torn down. This wall had separated East and West Germany.

Germany was VERY active in World War 2. During this war, the U.S. DID NOT agree with what Germany was doing.

Germany was also a part of many other wars such as, World War 1, Bosnian War, and the Kosovo War.

Adolf Hitler definitely left a big mark on Germany. Hitler was the ultimate leader of all the concentration camps and other terrible things that happened in Germany during World War 2.

Anne Frank was also another very important figure to Germany. She was captured during World War 2 and killed by Hitler's workers. Anne is so famous because of her diary that was later discovered.

Manuel Neuer is also important to Germany because he is Germany's national football team's goalkeeper.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a martyr for the Christian religion. He died at age 39 in a concentration camp. He was killed for professing his faith.

Germany is separated into sixteen different states/city states.

This is a picture of the German capital building. This building is called the Reichstag, and is located in Berlin.

Germany has federal republic government. The president is Joachim Gauck.

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