Oakfield News Issue 90 - 30th April 2021

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Note from our Head

Dear Oakfield families,

We are always ready to take up a challenge here at Oakfield, and so I thought I would share with you the opportunity that is open to everyone over this Bank Holiday weekend to mark what would have been Captain Sir Tom Moore's 101st birthday today.

People are asked to complete the challenge of doing 100 of something - perhaps walking, running, skipping or even hopping 100 metres, completing 100 'keepy-uppies', baking 100 biscuits, planting 100 seeds....the list is as endless as your imaginations! Donations to the Captain Tom Foundation may then be made.

If any of you decide to get involved in this challenge over the weekend, please do send a photo of your achievements to Ben Golden at bgolden@oakfield.dulwich.sch.uk so that we can celebrate too!

Do take a look at the website above for more details of the work being undertaken in memory of this remarkable and inspiring man.

Wishing you all a lovely Bank Holiday weekend with plenty of rest and relaxation.

Moyra Thompson


We hope many of you saw on Instagram our video of the creation of our amazing outdoor artwork in the Oakfield Prep playground. The art visuals are from Mrs Fidler and Years 2 - 6. The audio is from the angelic voices of Year 1. We hope you enjoy and sign up to our Instagram feed to see much more of this as well as Crazy Hair Day!

Virtual Schools Fair for Y3-5 Parents Saturday 8th May

Oakfield Prep supporting our families for 11+

You should have heard from newsletters and via the Portal that the Virtual Schools Fair is happening on Saturday 8th May. Please mark 9am - 12.30pm in your calendar. We now have 14 schools confirmed and the virtual fair will be open to all Oakfield families with children in Years 3 - 5.

The Fair will likely start with girls schools, then co-ed schools, and then boys schools. You are welcome to join whichever parts of the call you wish to. The final schedule and other details, as well as the 1-page introduction from each of the participating schools will be sent out next week.


We are sharing lots of things about the Oakfield Diploma on our social media platforms - especially Twitter and Instagram - that aren't on the newsletter. So get following us!

And Year 6 parents and carers can tag us @OakfieldPrep and use the hashtag #OakfieldDiploma2021.

Last week in the Photography class the children experimented with light and reflection, using mirrors and gels to change the angles and the colours with some dazzling results. Some of these shots would not be out of place at the Tate Modern.

This week, the Year 6 Diploma Photography class has been exploring the world of detail through Macro photography. It is amazing what you notice when you look really closely. Did you recognise the dried sunflower head? And what about Dexter's wildlife photography of the snail in the cherry blossom? Snails might be slow, but they are certainly curious; we had to keep our eyes on them, or they went off exploring the art room on their own!


Nati playing the National Anthem on the French horn in 3CF for St. George's Day!


Year 2 have been practising writing letters using the key 6 steps. They were creative about who they could write too and the details to include. We added in some inspirational points to engage the reader and we made sure they could be sent to the right people. We practised on our whiteboards first to get all our ideas down in one place!

We hope our cats, Santa and the tooth fairy get their letters!


The Year 1 children were excited to learn about our new buddy bench in our playground! This is a space for children to find new friends and to talk to help their peers if they are down. Care and kindness are important qualities to exhibit on our buddy bench as well as across all of Oakfield and beyond our school gates.


This week in Upper Foundation we have continued looking at The Magic Paintbrush and used it to discuss morals of stories and what this means.

We have looked at a variety of fairy tales and traditional stories, and listened to some on cassette tapes, which were unfamiliar but very exciting for the children to experience! By the end, the children were navigating the cassette player and changing the tapes independently, and we had some very interesting ideas about how they worked.

The children have also created their own fairy tale characters, devising names, back stories and descriptions for our new display. We loved seeing how creative they were and the detail of their descriptions was very impressive!

In Maths, we have continued to look at sharing and have done this in numerous ways, including verbal discussions and sharing out food for a Teddy Bears’ Picnic.

We have also started growing pumpkins and squash and will be monitoring their progress over the coming weeks!

We have also filled in questionnaires for the school’s Rights Respecting Schools Award. We thought about how the school responds to our needs and how we are treated at Oakfield.

Next week, we will be focusing on the story of Julián is a Mermaid by Jessica Love. We cannot wait to explore the myriad themes in the book.


  • Wednesday 12th May: UF Dress Up Day
  • Thursday 13th May: Vision Tests
  • Thursday 17th June: Perform Workshop


Who knew cornflour and water could be so much fun!

We learnt the real name for slime is ‘mucus’, that snails love to live in wet, damp places and that they mostly come out when it’s raining and at night! Did you know snails love fruits, as they have thousands of sweet teeth!

‘Snails must be strong!’ Freddie
‘Snails are brown like mud to be camouflaged!’ James
‘Imagine carrying your house with you all the time….. I would get tired!’ Camilla

2nd Hand Uniform Donation

Dear Parents,

Please see the list below for the dates to donate any uniform to OAFS.

A member of the OAFS team will be in the lower school car park from 08:30-08:50am on the collection days.

Can we ask that any items you are donating are washed and in good condition with the labels removed.

Please do not send in any non-regulation uniform as we cannot sell it.

Collection dates

  • Monday 10th May 2021
  • Monday 7th June 2021
  • Monday 5th July 2021

Many Thanks

The OAFS Team



Rio Clarke - Observational Drawing

Have a wonderful half-term everyone!


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