Good Life Performance Griffin Bria

Spatial Experience- This is a picture of the theatre, without showing the stage. I thought the theatre was very interesting, because we were sitting extremely close to the stage. When I entered the auditorium, I was very excited because it was my first time ever seeing a play live. My seat location was in the second row on the end, and it greatly affected my experience because one actress interacted with me. I got excited when the lights dimmed because everyone stopped talking, and we were getting prepared for the play. The auditorium was not huge, but it was definitely not small. Because of its medium size, it was a packed house, which made the experience better. The role of "place" in the good life is very important. A place can either make or break your experience, and the venue for the play was an excellent location.
The Social Experience- I attended the performance by myself. None of my friends are taking good life right now, so I just decided to experience the play by myself. I liked watching the play by myself because it allowed me to focus on the play, and not get distracted by my friends. To get prepared for the performance, I just researched where the play was, and which play I was watching. Attending the play without friends enhanced my experience because I was more immersed in the play, and I actually followed and understood what was going on. I believe that both shared experiences and alone time play huge parts in the good life. Shared experiences can help you find the good life because you are able to experience life with people you care about. Being alone is also beneficial to finding the Good Life because when you are alone, that is when you are most likely to find yourself.
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience- The central issue in the performance was the Church allowing Sarah Bernhardt to play in Quebec City. Another problem was that Brother Casgrain was telling Talbot to lie to the police about why he got in a fight with the priest at his last seminary school. I knew absolutely nothing about Sarah Bernhardt or Quebec City. I was aware of the fact that at certain seminaries, boys were raped by priests, and that is exactly what happened to Talbot. The performance didn't really change my views on anything. I believe that the Church has no right to stop a play from happening, and I also believe that rape is an absolutely horrible thing that no person should ever have to go through. The subject matter does not relate to anything that is going on in my life right now.
The Emotional Experience- The play gives us many examples of "Katharsis," or "coming clean." In the play, Talbot was given the opportunity to tell the police what had happened to him at his last seminary school. Brother Casgrain was attempting to "pay" Talbot to keep his mouth shut, by paying for both Talbot's education, and Leo's (Talbot's brother) education.

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