The Marines By: Olivia House

The Marine Corps date all the way back to the 1770s when congress resurrected the two battalions of marines. Originally the marines were to supply guards to warships. Over the 20th century the corps transformed into a multi-function organization that combines ground and air combat units into a maritime force, trained to come from the seas to fight on the land.

Although you might not have known or even thought about it, the marines have been there in so many wars like WW1 , the Mexican-American War, Pearl Harbor, and they had a lot of involvement in Vietnam, etc.

The marine corps hymn is one of the most recognized songs today and is the oldest of the service songs of our country. The author of the hymn is unknown. The words are known to have been written by a marine in 1847, 20 years before the music to the hymn was made by Jacques Offenbach a french composer. When the hymn is played marines stand at attention.

There are multiple things you can focus on and do in the marines today. You can do things like artillery, infantry, expeditionary, recruiting, and many more. Those are just a phew of the many many things you can focus on.

The schooling in marines can take a while. First you go to a recruiting office and sign up and they will put you in a platoon and will tell you where to meet and when. Then you meet up with your platoon and travel to the area you will do boot camp, which boot camp takes about 13 weeks. You graduate from boot camp and they send you off to a different base where you take the classes for what you are focusing on.


Created with images by Beverly & Pack - "In Honor of Memorial Day 2009, A Funeral Flag, A flag prepared for presentation to the next of kin ... Lion of Fallujah is laid to rest" • Official U.S. Navy Imagery - "USS Hopper arrives in Homer, Alaska." • skeeze - "supermoon war memorial marine corps" • Marine Corps Archives & Special Collections - "H Co, 2d Battalion, 5th Marines Officers, March 1969" • U.S. Naval Forces Central Command/U.S. Fifth Fleet - "USS MESA VERDE (LPD 19)_140430-M-MX805-026" • DVIDSHUB - "Training at Camp Buehring" • Tyler J. Bolken - "Arizona educators experience Marine Corps boot camp" • DVIDSHUB - "Operation Enduring Freedom: Marines operate near Combat Outpost Ouellette [Image 11 of 16]" • Tyler J. Bolken - "untitled image"

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