Mt. Vesuvius Eruption By:sam brule

Mt. Vesuvius was and still is one of the most slaughterous and pernicious volcanic eruptions due to massive plate subduction to ever go down in history, the essay below will explain how, why and what happened on August 24 in the year 79 A.D. and all the events leading up to this gruesome phenomenon

Mt.Vesuvius sits on the Campanian Arc, that is the tectonic plate boundary where the African plate is being subducted under the eurasian plate and melting the crust creating magma which rises up and violently explodes out. We can usually expect volcanos to eventuate at subduction zones, an example is Mt. Saint Helens. That was one of the biggest volcanoes to go down too, and (as factually stated) it perches on top of a subduction zone. As you can see, forces inside the Earth can do crazy things to it’s surface especially having rising magma rise upwards and spew out destroying most in sight or adding additions to itself.

Mt. Vesuvius occurred due to the African tectonic plate being subducted under Italy, the molten crust then rose up out of the cone cascading incandescent magma over everything in sight. So much lava that it actually become the most amount of lava ever released in a single volcanic eruption. But, there wasn’t just lava, there was also one of the largest gas and ash eruptions too, spraying scorching gas all over residents annihilating everyone within seconds. This affected Earth’s surface tempestuously because the eruption released abhorrent toxins into not only the air, but also the water killing legions of marine beings. Although this eruption ruined the water it (at the same time) made all of the burnt soil exorbitantly fertile and perfect for agriculture. All in all, this event was terribly disastrous but it also had some positive effects to the continuous cycle of materials on earth and formed part of the new crust.

Mt.Vesuvius affected so many people in horrifying ways unthinkable to man, almost every single person in Pompeii was covered in scorching acids, ember, gas, and much more. That rock was so painfully solid that most of those people are still here today. Discoveries and inventions that would of helped them get out of this horrible tragedy would have been easily avoided if they had something as simple as a pressure meter to tell when the volcano was coming. But by now, most people know the dangers of living by the volcano and most practice escape plans in the event of an emergency.

Volcanoes are not something that we have the power and technology to stop yet. Volcanoes can cause some of the worst damage known to man and that damage might not stop until days have passed. But, from research that we have done and knowledge we have gained from previous eruptions we have learned how to be safe around them and we now know the dangers of living by them.

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Sam Brule


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