The US Constiution principles of the CONSTITUTIONS

The US Constitution

the constitution was written document that consists of 6 principals of rules that the citizens would live by. all of these principles are listed and described below. this document was written in September of 1787.

Popular Sovereignty

Popular sovereignty is the idea that all government power comes from the people. First in popular sovereignty government is that people give the government its power. Next in the preamble the people have the power. Also the people in this country have the power to vote

Limited Government

A limited government prevents the government from becoming too powerful. first the government only has the power to to the constitution gives it . in addition rule of law government cant be above the law. also describes, explains what government can, cant do. the article 1, section 9, clause 7 limits the distribution of currency. most important article 1 , section 6, clause 2 government official can only hold potion in government.

Separation of Powers

separation of powers,this is what america fought for so it would never happen again. For example in article 2 section 2 clause 1 of the bill of rights, the states that need the chief can us his opinion on what ever that is needed.


federalism keeps maintain a balance of power while still dividing up with the country and state. For example in article 1 section 10 clause 1 of the bill of rights like the power denied by the people and states of printing money. also the state got denied of power so they could int be increased.

Checks and Balances

checks and balances are used in different government situation. For example the way it is used for is the government. also that people who impeach the president as stated in article 1 section 2 clause 5 for rights

Representative Government

the representative government used in many ways. the people use this as help from the government. for example section 2 clause 1 the power to chose an new president is an right for all people to chose.


1. who is the current president?

2. what would happen if their was no president?

3. Predict what would happen if Hillary became president?

4. What is the function of the government?

5. what changes to the government would you recommend?

6.can you see a possible solution to fixing relation with other countries?

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